Another American fan onboard!

Man do I love listening to Americans who just love football and when they get a chance to watch the CFL, these guys are real football junkies, I love it!! Not to make the CFL legit or anything but just nice to hear stuff like this for it's own sake.

Canadian Football League helps feed the pigskin fix

"My name is Scott, and I’m a footballaholic.

There, I said it. And by saying it I have finally admitted to you, my three loyal readers, that I have an addiction.

For years I either denied it or didn’t really think about it, but I was forced to face my demons just a few nights ago when a leisurely channel surf found me on the CSS network watching the Montreal Alouettes take on the Hamilton Tiger-Cats in Week 3 action of the 2007 Canadian Football League." ...

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PS. Guys, sure he says at the end of the article he'll forget about the CFL when 4 down ball returns but I don't see this as a slam at all. Of course he'll forget about it, no American teams, that's fine. But he enjoyed watching the game at any rate without slamming the rules and that even though it does look a bit weird some of the rules to him, that's natural.

At least he got the concept of the rouge right!

Im always glad to see another American on board

I enjoyed reading that article.
Thanks Earl.

Hey, I wrote the author and he replied back to me:

Hi Mike.
I'm originally from Birmingham, Ala. and covered the Barracudas during their one and only season in the CFL (1992, I beleive). In fact, Birmingham's home opener was against the Ti-Cats.
I enjoy the league...I first started watching it during the NFL strike long ago when NBC showed CFL games instead of NFL "scab" games.
P.S. Are the mosquitoes up there really as bad as they say?
Take care,

PS. I told him the mosquitoes are only really bad in Winnipeg which is annually infested with them so bad that Winnipeg exports them as their primary exported product. :lol: