Another American Article on AC

Enjoy !

Cool to read comments from his college coach...

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Well, Hfx, the author has some interesting things to say about AC, but he basically craps on the CFL - too bad.

I didn't read it that way. I think he acknowledges how foreign our game is to them and admits it. Most of what he writes is accurate but to me these are the charms of our brand of football. I'm ok with that.

He gets recognized on the street by fans, and yet a vast number of Montrealers have no idea that his team even exists.
Although I often find myself longing for a "kindred spirit" someone to share my passion for the CFL , I've yet to meet anyone who's straight out said, "Who are the Alouettes." More American bollocks, obviously.

The only real inferiority complex is due to certain folks' delusions of grandeur.
That quote at the airport, "You know it's not very good" referring to the CFL game just smacks of it.
I doubt those words were ever spoken.
The whole article was a mixture of treacly pablum and venomous drippings...insinuation that Calvillo's accomplishments are in inverse proportion to the magnificence of the NFL on the same scale whereupon Canada is dwarfed by her bullying skinhead to the south.

Not impressed
Never have been

Agreed, Senior.

'treacly pablum'?

lololololol :lol:

sorry I'm still giddy over the win. :wink: