Another 4-14 season?

What a brutal game. The Cats looked good in the first quarter, and then it all went to hell from there.

What was with the centre hiking the ball over Maas' head when he was trying to switch the play? :lol: They can't keep making ridiculous mistakes like that.

I feel kinda bad for Maas, it seemed like everytime they got something going a stupid holding penalty got the big play called back.


thats being optimistic.

True. Stupid mistakes and stupid penalties killed them. Again.

I guess it is considering they're already 1-7. Anyone else notice the frustration by Taffee during his interview? The funny thing is it almost seemed like he was trying to hold back a bit...

I think the big mistake Taaffe made was not hiring any coaches with CFL experience. Danny Barrett would have been a good choice for an assistant coach. Im sure there are others out there, but cant think of them right off hand.

maybe if the o-line liked the QB they would block better for him and not commit stupid penalties

Does that mean the o-line hates Timmy Chang too since they took another holding as soon as he came into the game?

I think that they have a good chance at winning 5 or 6 games. I really think that they are better than their record.

If you have watched the Cats this year you would probably agree that they should have won their 1st game with Montreal and also their games against both B.C. and Edmonton. So realistically they could alread have 4 wins.

Tonight's game was hard to watch. The Cats fell apart. They couldn't finish their drives and once again penalties cost them.

They were in the red zone 3 times and came away with 6 points. With some "finish" they could have scored 21. After that they scored a field goal for another 3 points. So realistically they could have had a total of 24 points tonight.

The final score was 27-9. As you can see the score could have been 27-24. A much closer game.

If you want to take it even further there were two officiating errors (in my opinion) that lead to 2 Montreal touchdowns.

1.Bryan Chiu should have received a penalty for taking off his helmet on a 3rd down gamble. This would have forced Montreal to punt or kick a field goal. The call wasn't made and the drive continued leading to a touchdown. Even if they kick a field goal you could take away 4 points from this drive.

  1. Later in the game, Hamilton appeared to have stopped Montreal on another 3rd down gamble. A very generous spot game Montreal a first down and eventually lead to another touchdown. This time the 3rd down gamble was not in field goal range and would have lead to a punting situation. Take away 7 points from Montreal's total.

That is a total of 11 "gift" points for Montreal. In other words, Montreal's total score should have been 16 and Hamilton should have scored 24.

Final: Hamilton wins 24-16.

I know that sounds crazy, but if you really think about it, am I saying anything that isn't true?

I'm not trying to say that Hamilton deserved to win this game because they certainly did not. Good football teams don't end up in the red zone 3 times in a game and only come up with 6 points.

All that I am trying to do is point out that the Hamilton Tiger-Cats really aren't that bad and perhaps with some hard work and a little luck, the breaks will start going their way.

Honestly, I see nothing but a whole lot of speculation. The fact of the matter is the score was not 24-16. It was 27-9. Hamilton kept making stupid mistakes and giving themselves stupid penalties.

Maybe next season will be different once these guys have a little more experience and a better chemistry, but as it stands right now, I don't see them winning more than 4 games. We saw tonight the lack of chemistry. Maas was throwing the ball one way and his receivers were running the other way.

Hamilton is on the right track, and to a certain extent, it doesn't matter if they only win 4 games this year as long as the improvement is there.
Desjardin blew what was left of last years club up, and it takes time to rebuild from that.
I think Hamilton will win some games. They might be better than TO in some respects and so can salvage their season in the next 2 weeks.
But playing the "what if" game isn't going to help.
For example, the Chiu non-call--and I agree it maybe should have been called--was a dead ball foul. That means Montreal still gets a first down on the play and just lose 10 yards.
The other call you talk about, I think is pure bias on your part.
I had no doubt he had the first down, and was surprised the measure was as close as it was.
But to say it was an "error" by the officials?
I don't think so...
The fact is, the team needs to stop shooting themselves in the foot.
Most of the reasons they lost are correctable within the team--not the refs fault, not the other team outplaying them--just stupid, ridiculous penalties and mental mistakes.
To say they "should" have won more games takes the reasons they actually lost those games off the shoulders of the players and the coaches and seems to make excuses.

Where I do agree with you, is, if they work hard, and suck it up, they are going to win some more games.
How many, remains to be seen, but it is, as I say, almost irrelevant as long as they get better each week....

I don't know Arius, they have the worst offence in the league, even 39 points behind the qbless Argos. Maas tries really hard, maybe too hard, but he just doesn't have what it takes to win consistently or to bring his team back from adversity.

I noticed that too. At one point, he even said, "And that's why they [the Als] win." Like he already knew that the Als going to win and his team wasn't going to get it done. The sad part is I can't blame him at all for his frustration. It's nothing we haven't seen from Greg Marshall and Ron Lancaster for what seems like forever now.

Will this team ever become respectable again?

Except that hadnt DB already jetted to the U of Buffalo?

No, I think Taffe was hired before DB took the job in Buffalo.
But coaches hire people they know to be their assistants, not necessarily the best people.
Besides, I think DB made a conscious decision to go back stateside.

If Hamilton can ever get their penalty situation under control, they will be a lot better football team.
But I think my point is, one can see all the young talent the Ti-cats have this year, so that is the most important factor.
Winning will come…eventually.
The organization and the fans just need to be patient (I know that is asking a lot from the fans at the moment) and not expect to much this year.

...maybe the Cats were saving themselves for the battle of the basement with the Argos....they sure didn't perform well enough to be considered any better than last year..(although they did beat the Bombers...ouch)..looks like another long rough road for the Tabbies.... :roll: