Another 2 years of Calvillo

Much as I have been a strong advocate of his retirement in recent years (for very obvious reasons), I am thrilled by this news. I am so glad his prognosis looks good and that he is healthy enough to continue playing.

Good news, glad he is medically fit. Besides, I want him at the helm when the Cats knock the Als out of the playoffs this year! :smiley:

So let it be written...So let it be done!

As much I like to see it
I have my Doubts it will be 2011

Montreal still has most of it grey cup Title Team from 2010 /09
There still the Top Dog
Hamiton has tons of Holes
plus a Rookie OC and DC

we need New DB's
Kicking game needs work
WR Dropped too balls
Lack of Real a good Running back.
Play Calling was bad on both sides of the ball
Montreal lacks nothing ..

Bummer for Adrian.

One has to wonder, will he still be there when AC finally does retire. If AC lasts the next 2 yrs relatively healthy and playing 90% of the games at least, I think not.

While I am happy for him and his family that he beat cancer, I think he should of retired. McPherson and Leak two great QB's are waiting in the shadows and AC is just being Damon Allen stubborn..

He has left his legacy, he is coming off back to back Grey Cup wins, leave on a high note, pass the torch. Instead he is setting back his team in the long run. If I were McPherson I'd be on the first thing smoking, there are teams like BC & Winnipeg with starting QB slots up for grabs. His prime years will be wasted sitting in Calvillo's shadow, as nice a guy as AC surely is, he is the Brett Favre of the CFL the man who will never hang them up, that maybe endearing to some but to me its a waste of talent having Leak / McPherson riding pine for 2 more seasons.

This guy though has a great attitude and isn’t arrogant like Favre. I think he will be a plus for the Als for these 2 years to be honest and as Mat says it’ll be nice trying to knock him off and if it happens, sweet. :thup:

I would have to agree with Steeltownfan in that this is starting to sound like the Canadian version of the Brett Favre story. I would hate to see AC end his career the way Favre did, where he would stubbornly keep going until his play ability began to falter and his aging body would force him to retire. AC is losing some of his favourite go-to receivers, especially Ben Cahoon. This will make things different out on the field for AC. AC is already a shoo-in for the Canadian Football Hall of Fame, so he really has nothing more to prove to anyone. I also agree that McPherson and Leak deserve a chance at the starting position. I would not blame those guys at all for wanting to be traded to a different team where their chances of a starting position may be better. In any case, I think that change is in the air in Montreal... if not this coming season, then definitely in subsequent seasons... and the Ticats should be ready to capitalize on that!! 8)

Great for the league to have AC around for two more years, but bad for us here is the East.

With all due respect, I do not understand the Favre comparison. Brett Favre was and is a selfish primadonna. He played long past his best before date, retired only to unretire, and kept Green Bay and Minnesota waiting for months while he dithered over whether to play. He's also an unpleasant individual with a history of domestic abuse, to say nothing of the inappropriate photos he sent female journalists over the past few years. His pathetic need for media attention became evident over the past few years. And even on the field, he was a turnover machine, always chucking the ball into the other team's hands just at exactly the wrong time.

Calvillo is none of those things. The only uncertainty in Anthony's plans over the past few years has stemmed from unavoidable personal challenges -- his wife getting cancer in 2007, he himself getting thyroid cancer this year. Despite those challenges, he has not jerked anyone (Jim Popp, Marc Trestman, the team, the fans) around. He never retired, then unretired. He has always conducted himself with class and dignity. No, he hasn't hidden his desire to keep playing as long as he can. Why should he? Unlike Favre, whose miserable 2010 season emphasized exactly why he should have retired years ago, Anthony is still playing at an elite level. He just led his team to consecutive Grey Cups! Why would he retire? Why would the Als want him to retire? Marc Trestman has said that Anthony Calvillo is the best quarterback he has ever worked with. Yes, that includes Steve Young & co. from the NFL. In 2010, Anthony led the league in quarterback rating and TD-to-INT ratio.

There is no reason for him to retire, especially when he has a chance to pass Damon Allen on the all-time passing yards list within the next year or so. Chris Leak is a third-string quarterback who may well not be back with the team; his desire to start is irrelevant. As for McPherson, he's only 26. Do you know when Anthony Calvillo became the starting quarterback for the Als? At age 28. Everyone clamoring for the backups to become starters should remember that for the most part, the elite QBs of the CFL didn't take over the reigns until their late '20s.

Seriously, the man has been the best quarterback in the league over the past three years, he's coming off B2B Grey Cups, and people think he should retire. :lol:

Plus, I can think of at least 375,000 other reasons a year he may want to keep playing.

How can anyone compare AC with Favre? AC is coming off back-to-back GC championships. Retired players always say, "play until they take the jersey off your back". I'm glad he's signed for 2 more. He makes the league better.

An Argo-Cat fan

AC means more GC's, player of the year awards, more coach of the year awards ect. ect. O well maybe it will help the coach get his much desired NFL job and thats very good. I like watching the ALs at all those award shows, N-O-T. But I do wish AC good health. :frowning: :oops:

On top of which AC is a much better QB.