Anotber reason to Ban Twitter!!!Marty York is still Alive!!

His Brett Farve coming to the CFL story on Sportsnet may have been the straw that broke the cmel's back... On a serious note. Marty did something that no one has done since.. Kept the CFL relevant in Toronto newspapers.. The fact his own Twitter says he was blackballed says he is under no illusions to what happened to him.

Why Ban ? You and Marty York both are from the same planet - it would be so boring without the Mart Yorks and Mr.bungles of this world - why it would be like the Toronto media gushing over the Blue Jays as if they were the Championship Team . All dancing to the same music and following the pied piper
Don't ever slow down - Bungle - York you light a fire under us all - and to look at things alittle different - either good or bad