Annunziata to play center?

I noticed reading his bio that he has experience playing center as well as guard. What a nice gift from the Argos, sending us a Canadian who can play two positions on the OL. Seems as though he may have had some injury problems, but looks like consistent performer when healthy. Injuries are often a problem when you work in the trenchs I suppose.

Sure wish we could get a look at the training camp roster, they have announced 6 players in the last week and all look like positive additions. One has to wonder about the “future considerations” on this deal. Is Annunziata here on loan to make room on the Argos roster? Matters not at the moment I guess. I’m hoping he will settle in and become the replacement for Prinsen. Anyone know if he can long snap?

The big question mark remains will they sign any other running backs to come in and compete with Bradley, White and McLendon.

Well here we go again. Just when I thought the Eskies would be weak on the Oline that dam Hughie pulls a rabbit out of hat. This is a good one tor replace what they have lost.
I am just wondering what it is going to cost ( maybe Terry Vaughn or someone Toronto wants in the draft!)

I’m not sure that it would be a draft pick as the Esks don’t even have a pick in the first round right now. The media reports are that Vaughn is going to Ottawa. Perhaps for the second pick in this years draft? Or maybe for another Canadian lineman? Sometimes future considerations simply means sending the same player back the next year.