Annual, who should be Grey Cup half time act post.

ac/dc sucks
they only appeal to people who had bad taste in the 70s and preteens who drink too much red bull.
horrible idea


Perhaps Prism, they started out in Vancouver.

IMHO the act for any Grey Cup game should be an act that appeals to a broad spectrum of fans. AC DC again IMHO does not.

It seems that the Grey Cup half-time is only good when it's in Ontario. Lenny Kravitz in 2007 and The Hip in 2004 were the only good half-time shows in recent memory. So I have faith that Toronto will get someone of that calibar.

How about Trooper (if they are still around)... and there was a band called Riot way back when, IIRC....

as for Prism... aren't all the original band members dead? They went through quite a few changes from album to album.

Long story sambo42 - here's the link.

What about:

54-40, Loverboy, Theory of a Deadman, or Chilliwack.

Boo. Boo. Maybe. Boo.

Has anyone said Neil Young?

Mark my words, it's Neil Young or the Hip for the 100th Grey Cup.

I Dont really care who plays the HT show just listing some bands from B.C.

bruce cockburn

April Wine?

the latest april wine band was nothing like the original. So many member changes.

Romi Mayes

joni mitchell


Would be cool, but don't think she would do it.

How about Loverboy? Iam sure they could pry Mike Reno away from his Rock 101 morning gig for this. :lol: