Annual, who should be Grey Cup half time act post.

Once again speculation on who will perform at half time is the most important subject on everyones mind. One can presume that since the game will be played in Vancouver, it is highly likely that the selection of half-time entertainment will be something that my generation will not like. I am old enough to have watched live, from West to East: Joe Kapp, Wayne Harris, Jackie Parker, Ron Lancaster, Ken Ploen, Garney Henley, Pinball Clemons, Russ Jackson and, Anthony Calvillo all play in their prime. (these IMHO are the all-time greatest players in the CFL on each team), so you can figure out what my generation is.

Please Vancouver, prove me wrong and don't select some band of loonies, rapp, crap or bebop, and for gods sake please do not give us a repeat of the Black Eyed Peas (you should still be hanging your collective heads in shame for foisting the undisputed worst half-time show ever upon us). Quiet Riot may be an appropriate band for the left coast but not for Canada and definately not this year.

I have for years suggested the Stompin Tom would be a great choice. but not this year, save him for the 100th anniversary game in Toronto next year.

The ramblings of a twisted old man with way to much time on his hands. :cowboy:

I could care less really who plays halftime. I don't watch the game for the halftime show.

I will say best halftime show in recent years was Lenny Kravitz - hands down. Worst was Nelly Furtado. What a racket. Black Eyed Peas were definitely better than Furtado.

When in Vancouver - Jim Byrnes

otherwise, celtic thunder would be great.

Bryan Adams? He spent his teen years in Vancouver and could appeal to various generations.

I don't think he's Canadian anymore. :stuck_out_tongue:

Isn't he the guy that sang Kookie, Kookie lend me your comb. Not a good choice, should be somebody who somebody has heard of. Surely Vancouver has acts that people have heard of.

I guess we could argue about the worst but there is no doubt who was the best:


Surely Vancouver could produce a band as good as these guys.

Like Bryan Adams? :wink:

Seriously, with it being held indoors they could go a different route like Cirque Éloize or something like that. I still think the show Cirque Éloize did before the Oilers home opener in 2010 was quite spectacular.

Rush, Goddo or Max Webster.
Maybe Frank Marino or Pat Travers can sit in.

Or how about :wink:

Priestess without a doubt. :rockin:

not even close

anything but Nickelback bleugh

While I applaud the NFL for trying to incorperate new generation music (Black eyed peas/usher) with an older generation star of slash.. it failed horribly i mean if you were going to even think of doing something like that why fergie singing that song??!? Anyways I would like rush! that would be sick! and for the 100th grey cup I think there probably going to try to throw in all the great canadian artists in one big massive mega show!!! haha but whom ever they pick hope its a gooder :rockin:

I was going to suggest Nickelback. :frowning:

So I'm going to have to go with...


Down With Webster? I believe they're Canadian.

theyd be better for toronto since they are from toronto.

my god I hope Bieber was a joke...

The Hip would be cool...they did it in 04

Neil Young and Bryan Adams getting up there would be amazing. I think it would appeal to a diverse crowd, in fact, many people would tune in JUST to see them sing together

It's the 100th. It's gotta be epic. It's gotta be someone EVERYONE knows. From what I hear the budget for the 100th will be MUCH bigger. Although they aren't Canadian, my vote would have to be AC/DC. It doesn't get any bigger than that.

in that case, burton and randy