Annual Turkeybend challenge to BC fan--- Sportsman!!

:rockin: :cowboy:

In the spirit of friendly rivalries and in the spirit of who has the most moxy, I challenge you sportsman from 100 mile house to this. Should my Riders beat your Lions you must dress up as Gainer the Gopher and run down main street singing the Riders fight song. Conversely, should your Lions fluke a win (had to say that!!! :lol: ) I will dress up as a Felion and run down my main street singing C'mon and Roar you Lions Roar!! Have you the courage to agree to this bet or are you yellow instead of orange inside???
CFL rivalries Rule!!!! :thup: :thup: :thup: :rockin: :cowboy:
So do the Riders
Saskatchewan Roughriders Grey Cup Champs :thup: :thup: Sportsman's agent please have your agent contact me to hammer out the details of this proposal...

and the loser has to be video taped doing this and placed on You Tube for all of us to see :slight_smile:

Thats not fair. 100 mile house has about 1,000 people while Turkey probably lives on the farm with no one aorund for 400 miles.

yeah but if Sportsmans has to run through 100 milehouse if he loses nobody will notice

Just prancing around in a felion outfit in -40 is punishment enough.

Especially if it's hunting season.

Exactly! Pictures (or video) or it didn't happen! :lol:

Sportsman, where are you?????? We know your there hiding somewhere. Come out, come out, wherever you are.

Maybe he is flying out to regina to console his lions after they loose???? :wink:

Actually Turkey has tried to arrange bets in past years, but I have turned him down in past years as well. I'm one who really enjoys all the CFL games, and yes cheers for the hometown Lions. But I've never been one to get into face painting and trash talking. The closest I get into face painting is wearing a Geroy Simon Jersey. (Prior that, Mervyn Fernadez, and Jim Young). I'm sure Turkey could could probably coax some bets from some of my fellow Lion supporters, but I will take a pass, as I have done in past years. Besides, there are a lot younger posters that could run faster in a Gainer costume than I could.

Besides, I could only payoff half the bet. I could sing the fight song because after all, it really is the Vancouver Whitecaps song from the 70's or 80's (White is the colour, Soccer is the game) just need to change the words. The other half is the problem. I can't get Mrs Sportsmen to hem my dress slacks let alone build a gopher outfit. Tip Top tailors can hem slacks but I don't think they do Gopher costumes! :wink: :wink:

Actually, unannounced by me. I had the opportunity to finally take in a game at Taylor field this year. Mrs Sportsmen and I were nearby for a funeral and I got to see the Calgary Saskatchewan game. I must confess to the Rider fans, you guys were louder in that game than any game in BC Place THIS YEAR!

Well since sorty is out turkey maybe Swervinmervin is up to that bet. Is he a lion or just a hudge orange chicken? He would finally get a chance to put up or ------up.

I can't see that happening, Swervin would have to come out from under his bridge to do that.

Turkey it seems you really want to do this , Just one question though do you already have a Felion outfit and have you tried it on to see if it fits. :lol: :lol:

I think Turkey should dress up as Gainer and dance around main street just for the hell of it... :stuck_out_tongue: