Annual The Grey Cup should be on Saturday Rant.

I have often wondered that myself. the CFL does not play many sunday games all season and then suddenly the playoffs and Grey cup all the games are on Sunday. It also takes away from the CFL signature friday Night football game. For the playoff rounds there should be one game played on friday night and the other on saturday. for both playoff rounds and the Grey cup on Saturday. Why after avoiding sundays for most of the regular season games and then suddenly have them on sundays. I do not understand the thinking here.
As you mentioned also travel time for the fans coming to the Grey cup would make a saturday game more reasonable and more people may come to town for the saturday paries to watch the Grey cup if they could not get a ticket.
For travelers flying it would be an easy friday night flight in and a sunday evening departure. A nice neat weekend travel package.

Is revenue generation better on Sunday? Do we know that, is there any comparison stats. If there are better TV audiences on Sunday, why does the NHL play on Saturdays.

Still say the pros of playing on Saturday outway the pros of playing on Sunday.

Tough @#$@#.. if you don't like it, too bad.

the CFL has been playing the Game on Sunday's for a long time, just because a few pussy fans can't take it doesn't mean you change it for the vast majority that like it on Sunday.

As long as playing the games on sundays are the best thing for revenue for the City and CFL and for the TV audience than it should be on Sunday but if it is just being done out of tradition because it has always been done that way then it is something worth looking into. I say this as I metioned earlier that the CFL seems to avoid sundays all season long until playoff time

The NHL plays 7 nights a week. CBC has Saturday as their big night, and they've had that since forever. In the US, the NHL is second or third fiddle and really can't compete very well with the NFL, so they don't put their big games on at the same time.

I mised that vote.

In the immortal words of our most childish contributor, "I think you should just shut up. and go hide." :thup:

:) I luv you too

This is an interesting and very amusing thread...VOR, if as mikem stated that Sunday is Prime Time TV viewer day, then the CFL, knowing that the GC will be sold out by us fans, must be looking at TV revenue first. Regardless of what day the GC is held, I think it would be sold out... I think Sat. night would be great. Go head to head with NHL. One night away from an 82 game schedule to watch great football would be a lot of peoples' choice, I think ! Maybe even Sat. afternoon. The bars in the host city would sure be happy and Sunday as a travel day can't be argued with... VOR, you sure made me laugh with some of your quips.

Thanks, I try to have fun with this. I am not of the opinion that this site is anything more than some interactive dialogue. Some seem to be of the opinion that what is said in here actually carries weight with the powers that be and maybe some do take notice, maybe. All I know is this site used to be a lot more fun and a lot of people have stopped contributing who had some interesting input because there are some who take this site or perhaps themselves far too seriously.

Bottom line is I love the CFL and will continue to have opinions, despite some folks thinking that opinions only count if they are theirs.

Kind of like enjoying a beer at the football game, it's always fun until somebody kicks over your can. :cowboy:

  1. Regardless of how the tea crowd feels, many people, myself included like to indulge during the game. Staging the game on Saturdays gives one day grace in nursing the annual hangover. I don't drink so it makes zero difference to me.

  2. People who like to travel to the game are forced to book one extra day off work as a travel day home. For most people I know this is a huge sacrifice, I am limited in my vacation days and the one extra day hurts more than the hangover. The 54,000+ fans who attended last year's GC didn't seem to have a problem. Many were from across the country.

  3. Many sports teams, non profits community groups have lost money that used to be made staging Grey Cup parties. Don't they have Grey Cup parties anymore? I always thought they did. I have friends heading off to see the GC in Toronto this year. All they talk about are the parties. What non-profit community groups and what sports teams and why would Saturday make any difference?

  4. Those travelling to the game are generally stuck in the host city, with nothing happening for one extra day. What difference would it make? With a whopper of hangover you would probably be feeling too useless to want to do anything anyway.

  5. Those travelling to the game are forced, to cough up one more night in a hotel, just to boost the revenues for the host city. Are you saying that if the game were on Saturday you would travel back to whence you came that evening? Why can't you do that on Sunday as well?

  6. NFL fans are forced to choose, rather that experience both. They don't have PVRs in the States? Regardless, I watch very little NFL so it makes no difference to me what's going on in the NFL.

  7. For many the "Grey Cup Party" was the tradition that solidified them as CFL fans. Grey Cup games seem to be sold out year in and year out whether there is a Grey Cup Party or not. Seems like the Grey Cup revelers usually succeed in hooking into someone's party, even a Grey Cup block party. I'm not much into the party revelling so it means little to me.

  8. Don't have to decide between the Grey Cup and church. Please explain. If the game is held on Saturday and you have a massive hangover on Sunday I'm willing to bet church is the last place you'll be found on Sunday morning. You also implied in point two that Sunday could be used as a travel day which would avoid having to book off Monday from work. If you're traveling back home on Sunday then how would you go to church? The work around is simple. Get to your Grey Cup destination in time to go to the morning service. Many services are as early as 9AM

[b]Bottom line:

  1. Sunday is a great day for family gatherings, especially for those not able to travel across the country to see the game. Saturdays for many is grocery shopping day and the day bills are paid and yard work is done.
  2. Sunday morning you can pray for your favourite to win and not have to wait an entire day to get the results
  3. If your team wins you get to share the results with your work colleagues the very next day.
  4. If your team loses, you don't have to lament for an entire day. You go to work that next day and get your mind off of what happened earlier.
  5. Even with flex work weeks many employees are off on Sunday as compared to Saturday.
  6. I just like the sound of Sunday and Grey Cup. There is a ring of spirituality to it.

Disclaimer: All of the above has been said tongue in cheek of course.


  1. My family likes the Grey Cup on Saturday.
  2. Frisbyterians can pray every day.
  3. I cheer for Edmonton work in Calgary, you figure it out.
  4. If my team loses, I get over it, it's football not life.
  5. Most aren't.
  6. I just like the sound of Saturday and the Grey Cup. It reminds me of when I started watching as a kid. Sunday was for going out to the schoolyard and pretending I was Jackie Parker.

Thanks for the thoughtful and respectful reply Beagle.

Actually, when you put it like that, I agree with you on Saturday. How many post-Grey Cup Mondays have I had to drag myself to work the next day. And yeah, the extra travel day would be nice if a person were out of town. But Sunday is also a fine day to have people over to conduct an afternoon moratorium on the game if it didn't go well, or spend a few extra hours gloating if it did. Adult beverages are optional, but very likely in the mix.

Then you kick everybody out of the house by 5 p.m. and get ready for Monday. Perfect.

"Sunday means an extra night, use your toes if your fingers are all taken." VofR

Ah, such sarcasm. lol Hmm...lemmee see. I still have 10 fingers and 10 toes. I think VofR you need to remember while you have made it a ritual attending these GCs [11 so far] and it has become part of your lifestyle, many have not been to a Grey Cup game and if they have it has been in their host city. My wife and I finally attended our first last year. The next one we'll attend will be when it is held in Vancouver again whenever that is and that is if the Lions are in. I will certainly enjoy watching it on TV if not. Consider your choice being the cost of doing business. I think you will just have to bite the bullet and live with the choices you make. I think you said choice is a wonderful didn't you? I tried to find out when the transition from Saturday to Sunday took place and became permanent. It appears it was in 1971 after giving it a try in 1969. Just what the criteria was I don't know but as someone said, only a small minority appear to be inconvenienced having it on Sunday. Maybe the CFL fan base should be polled and you'll get your wish but I doubt it given the sold out crowds. All kidding aside, for me it doesn't matter if it's on Saturday or Sunday but just so you know, I had to miss my share of GC games because of work when they were on Saturday.

6." NFL fans are forced to choose, rather that experience both. They don't have PVRs in the States? Regardless, I watch very little NFL so it makes no difference to me what's going on in the NFL. Your making the case against going head to head with the NHL on Saturday." Weren't you talking NFL?

No meant making the case for not against going head to head with NHL.

Anyways glad you can have some fun with this, some obviously can't. I never thought I would change any mindsets, just putting out the reasons why I think Saturday is a better choice. Can definately appreciate you point of having to miss Saturday games due to work. By the way, contrary to what some may believe, I'm not a drunk, I am a Rugby player. :cowboy:

Oops someone will take that literally.

The idea is a good one moving it back to Saturdays. UFC fights are commonly held on Saturdays. And I do like the idea of having the extra day to travel back home. I live in Toronto and have only been to the 95th Grey Cup and I got my tix for the 100th. I'd like to make it out to one out west and having the extra day to get back home is a good idea to me.


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