Annual Survey who will not watch the Super Bowl?

This is my somewhat annual survey to gauge the interest as to who WILL NOT watch this over hyped boring spectacle that is not worth my time to waste.
The self professed and further lies of over "1 billion served", about allegedly watching and of course how many times those of you who do watch will hear the US nonsense moniker of World Champions.
What makes it even worse, the vast majority of the media here in the GTA drinks the kool aid and swallows this crap big time at the expense of our only few left piece of Canadiana in this country, the CFL.

should have made this a poll

I for one am looking forward to the game and expect to totally enjoy it.

Go Hawks :rockin:

my wife be cheering for the Pats, so either way, it will be a good game.

Me and a bunch of my family will be watching at our annual family Super Bowl at my sister's place. Could be a good game but I favour the Hawks if all balls are inflated equally. :stuck_out_tongue:

Some of us will be watching mainly for the football, my nieces for the Katy Perry halftime show. I'll watch that too - just curious to see how she works Lenny Kravitz - who I saw perform at halftime of the 2007 Grey Cup in Toronto - into her set.

I will watch it as I always do, not with the emotional passion of our Grey Cup of course but it's what is considered the highest level of gridiron in the world and hopefully it's just a good game but with Wilson attending the GC this year I hope the Seahawks win but I don't care who wins really.

ArgoT, the media here have to make the SB look bigger than life in order to fit in with what the media usually does, cover the major leagues as if they are bigger than life. I get that. Of course, Toronto doesn't actually have an NFL team. Shame. But they can always pretend of course. :wink:

Slow time of the year in sports with hockey and basketball just in the middle of the season and not much on the line yet and dead of winter, ratings will be higher than a kite but won't match the World Juniors I bet. Although CTV will be carrying it so I hope the ratings are high, always like to see high ratings for everything CTV airs for obvious reasons.

Yes Earl, we all know how the other winter sports all play chicken little and do not schedule any competition for the SB.
On top of being exclusively on CTV, unlike yet another CFL commish who gave up this as a demand for our league,it's no wonder the numbers are high for the foreigners.

ArgoT, I think the CFL and Bell have a good thing going so for them to work as a team on CFL coverage is excellent. Look, CTV has to pay huge bucks for NFL games and advertisers need to be sure they are reaching a lot of people with what they are spending on NFL games so I say give Bell and CTV a break. They are airing all CFL games and are fantastic partners I say. The NFL garners the most attention from advertisers because it's a "major" league and I get that.

And here is why I will be watching the Super Bowl on TV and not in person. (This from the official NFL Ticketmaster reseller site). For a mere $82,000 USD you can buy tickets for you and three friends in the lower level Section 120 at University of Phoenix Stadium

I'll give the Super Bowl credit. It helps sell lots of big screen TV's. Even in Canada there is a spike in big screen TV sales the week before the Super Bowl. In the USA ....

Consumer Electronics Association surveys have found that almost a quarter of TV buyers get a new set specifically for the Super Bowl,

For those not watching the Super Bowl and for those of us in Canada who miss out on a lot of the ads - Budweiser tugs at the horse and puppy loving heart strings again with this year's Super Bowl ad.

And possibly by the 2017 Super Bowl we will see the ads up here. Seems the CRTC is cracking down on simsubbing which may have a huge impact on Bell Media as it relates to their NFL coverage on CTV.

[url=] ... -bowl.html[/url]
Starting in 2017, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) will no longer allow broadcasters to substitute Canadian ads for the showier (and more popular) American commercials during the Super Bowl.
For many Canadians, simultaneous substitution — switching American signals for Canadian signals during commercial breaks — is the bane of the sporting season. This is how it works: The CRTC allows broadcasters who air American programming (such as CTV or Global) to request distributors (such as Bell or Rogers) to switch over to a Canadian signal during commercial breaks. Broadcasters love this, because it keeps ad revenues in-house. Blais said simultaneous substitution is worth $250 million annually across the industry. But Canadians hate it. Slip-ups in signalling times can cause fans to miss the big play or overtime goal. And what kind of democracy would deny its citizens the joys of “Wassup,? the Geico gecko or Ali Landry eating Doritos? Blais said that while Canadians loathe it, the financial cost of ending simultaneous substitution altogether is too great. Instead, new regulations will hope to end some of its biggest annoyances. “It seemed that they’re looking for a compromise,? Penney said. Starting in the 2016 football season (so the 2017 Super Bowl), simultaneous substitutions will be banned. It’s the only time during the year when broadcasters will not be allowed to request simultaneous substitution. Furthermore, Blais said, the CRTC will adopt a “zero-tolerance approach to substantial mistakes.? If the final touchdown gets cut off because the game ran long and the signal switches to commercial break too soon, broadcasters or distributors could be held responsible and forced to offer their customers a rebate. “It looks like they are going to provide some teeth to the policies,? Penney said. But how it will play out is still unknown. A CRTC spokesperson said what exactly the rebate will be, or how it will be applied, will be determined later in the year.

It's significant to note how over the years the commercials have far exceeded the entertainment value or lack thereof of the over hyped game itself.

True enough ArgoT, it's weird really when you think of commercials getting that much hype. Is there any other program out there where commercials almost rival the primary product?

Well obviously the CRTC agrees that the commercials are a significant part of the show. To quote the CRTC Chair 'the commercials are part of the spectacle' which is his justification for ending simsubbing specifically for the Super Bowl starting in 2017 (not other NFL games on CTV).

So with that ruling a Canadian network will lose millions of viewers on that day as millions of Canadians will watch on the American network to get the ads. It will cost the Canadian company 'tens of millions' in lost ad revenue, Canadian companies will lose the opportunity to advertise to 8 million Canadians at one time too.

Thanks for helping the USA CRTC. i thought you were supposed to be good for Canada and Canadians?

An idiotic ruling IMO.

I don't know what the Company paid for the game tickets and hotel rooms but tomorrow afternoon 5 couples will take a company plane to Phoenix and we will return Monday. Mixed feelings in the group as to whether it will be a good game or a disaster for one of the teams.
I enjoyed attending the GC this year and I will not in any way compare the GC and the SB. If you watch the SB I hope it is a good game and you enjoy it.

something I don't get

I have been seeing the non Canadian superbowl ads for years here. I Also think I did back in wpg in the 80's but not positive.

There was this one well talked about ad not long ago and Canadians were complaining about not getting to see it, but I did.

Don't know if it was one with horses, or something else. Damn my memory anyhow, sigh

Super Bowl = My cure for insomnia!!!! :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Absolutely, I can believe how many people just don't get it but keep drinking the kool aid!

...last year I watched the SB from a hotel room in El Salvador, this year I figured to get a little more closer to the action...the missus and I are flying to Seattle this afternoon to spend the weekend with friends, they live about two blocks north of CenturyLink Field so I hope there's some stuff going on at the stadium, watch the game then party it up on Sunday night in Pioneer Square should the 'hawks best the 'pats...I'll toast a round to you ArgoT and hope that your grumpy man act is going well that day :smiley:

:thup: :thup:

I'm not an NFL fan and I've never watched a Super Bowl game. However, after watching the incredibly exciting finish a few weeks ago between the Packers and SeaHawks I'm looking forward, actually very much looking forward to the game this Sunday. I can thank my wife who is a rabid SeaHawks fan!

For the record I've not become an NFL fan and if the SeaHawks were not in the Super Bowl this year I would not be watching the game. The commercials yes, the game no.

I really don't understand how someone can like football, or even sports in general, and not be at least a little intrigued by this game. I don't watch college football, but the college football playoff games were great entertainment. I expect this to be the same. And hey, if it's a blowout like last year, I can turn it off at half time. :stuck_out_tongue:

Football gridiron style is exactly that, however many downs, if you don't watch at the very least the Super Bowl and Grey Cup, at least as a Canadian, then really you aren't even remotely a true football gridiron fan. I don't expect Americans to watch our Grey Cup but if you call yourself a football fan and are Canadian, then even if you "love" the Super Bowl first and foremost, you watch the Grey Cup.

That's why Toronto isn't on the NFL radar, for the most part the city doesn't "get" gridiron whatever rules. When you have people like Phil Lind and Paul Godfrey in Toronto saying they are "NFL guys", well that tells the story and which is why, not only are the Argos not supported well, but even the NFL is basically a joke with the Bills Toronto thing.

Phil and Paul didn't get it, they probably still don't, and NFL doesn't want anything to do with Toronto. At least Phil and Paul told everybody "we don't REALLY" get gridiron football here in Toronto, in a roundabout way. The NFL knows it only too well.