Annual "Stampede Classic" in Calgary [Idea]

Every year the "Stampeders" disappear and avoid the 10 day Calgary Stampede festival. I think this is a huge missed opportunity to have an annual showcase CFL game at a time when the city is full of tourists. (many of those tourist from Football loving states down south.)

There is so much opportunity for the team to go all out and have one big Stampede party, especially at a time in the season that could use some excitement. If it is marketed and coordinated properly, I think it would sell out and become an annual classic game. Also, if TSN covers the festivities in and around the stadium, it would look good on TV.


There are too many things that distract the tourists already. The draw to the game would be reduced because of the stampede and numbers in the stands would be down. Tourists are here to drink, get STDs and play cowboy for a week, not go to CFL games.

Lots of Calgarians leave town during the week, to avoid the chaos. Which means that Season Ticket holders will not be around. Which means that attendance would be down.

Cabs are already at a premium and the Public Transit system is already at a peak. The LAST thing they need is another draw on the system.

Location is another issue - Stampede grounds are on the SE side of downtown. McMahon Stadium is in the Northwest and not near the downtown core. (see previous comment about transportation)

Parking is another issue, which ties to the previous comments about transportation. McMahon Stadium can implement paid parking for all the people that are trying to get to the transportation station (LRT) and make money by simply having cars parked in their lot (at premium prices)

Which is a bigger draw? Concerts that are on the Stampede grounds (no transportation needed since you are already there) or going across town to a football game (remember that these are wannabe cowboys and cowgirls - I suppose I should identify them as Cowpersons to be PC).

I say again ...
and HELL NO!

just my two cents

Also, if I remember correctly, the parking lot for McMahon is used for trailer parking by the rodeo competitors. Right?

I think there is a little of that. It's a "long" way from the stampede grounds to McMahon. They can make money by simply having it as parking. probably easier/more cost effectively than they could by trying to save the parking for a game.

just my opinion here, but it's just generally a bad idea to have a game during Stampede.

Not sure, the rodeo competitors can use the baseball diamond lol.

Transit wouldn't be a big deal because it is a completely different quadrant of the city than the Stampede grounds. Maybe hold the game on the Thursday sneak a peak night.. "Stampede Kickoff night".

I think it's worth a try. If it fails, simply don't do it the following year. This is only for one night, maybe a 6 hour window. The purpose is to market the team. Ticket sales are way down this year and they need to start thinking differently.

I have only going to the game regularly since 2005 or so... Have they tried it in the past?

Doing it the day before Stampede might work ...

Transit is packed with kids and tourists trying to get to the Stampede Grounds During the Stampede. The LRT almost looks like a Hong Kong Subway during the Stampede (without the Sumo wrestler packing in the people). If the game were during the actual Stampede, I think the transit would not work (well/worse than normal) for people trying to attend the game.

Ticket sales are down as a result of the general economy in our region, more so than any other reason (my opinion).

Let's see what happens next year with the Grey Cup being in Calgary. I think corporations will come back on board, so they can get to the GC.

I also think that there will be a new government in Alberta by the time the new season rolls around, so that might lift spirits/sales as well. But I might just be being a little over optimistic on that one :wink:

I am not aware of anyone trying it previously. Stampede is just a "world wide" (known) party. Even the players get caught up in it.

I have only been going to games since about the same. Season ticket holder since 2008. But I have lived in Calgary most of my life and followed the Stampeders for most of that time.

the Stampede Rodeo is just such a huge event ... it consumes the city. there's not really room for anything else (we actually schedule for delays around Stampede week at work, because of supplier/man power issues). It's just the way it is.

Well I've learned something about the Calgary Stampede, that's for sure, I had no idea it was that big of an event there in Calgary. Interesting.

I put forth this idea on this forum years ago. It just makes too much sense not to do it HOWEVER it can't be done at the current stadium location. You can't run another big event on the other side of town during Stampede. That's a no-go right off the bat.


If you built a new stadium on or near the Stampede grounds now the paradigm shifts instantly. Then you got a captive audience with tourists from all over western Canada and the United States who are football fans looking for events to attend and they can also feed off of the Stampede crowds.

That could instantly overtake Labour Day as the biggest game day on the football calendar in Calgary. Whatever the capacity of the stadium would be, that how many fans you would draw.

So seeing as that makes way too much sense, lets just add another coat of paint to McMahon and wonder why crowds are dwindling.

The stamp grounds is in a terrible location and old area. If there was a plan for movement it would be moved. Same as Edmonton old exhibition grounds. Horse racing will be gone and moved. Casino to be moved.

I disagree with you I think it would attract more

Other teams have a game during their cities fair why not the Stampede you would have lots of entertainment that is for sure.