Annual Replace The Coach Post

Its that time again to predict which coach or coaches will be fired first.

It has pretty much become an annual event in the CFL, at least one head coach is going to bite the bullet before year end. Here are my thoughts on how things might play out to cause one or more head coaches in the league to earn their toe tag.

Wally in BC is the safest head coach in the league. The only way he loses his job is if he gets caught diddling Braleys underage daughter. Not going to happen.

Maciocia in Edmonton, could be on the bubble very quickly if the Esks stumble out of the gate and are in fear of missing the playoffs for a second straight year. In fact if the Esks don’t make the playoffs he will be gone. Look for Danny to be gone by mid season and scooped up by the Als as there new bench man.

Higgins in Calgary, is also on the bubble if the Stamps show any sort of post season hangover. They probably wont so Flanders should last the season, but if its another early playoff exit, he will be moved upstairs to make room for Cortez to take over.

Austin in Regina, is probably the most difficult of the bunch to get a read on, because he is new and because he has never been a head coach before. In fact I cant recall the last time an OC was fired only be hired by another team as their head coach, with no prior experience at the position. Flip a coin on this one, my guess is he lasts the season at least.

Berry in Winnipeg, will be under the microscope this year. Last year was a cinderella story and he could do no wrong. This year expectations are much higher, first place in the east and a deep run in the playoffs are expected in Milts last season. He should last the season as long as the train doesnt go completely off the rails.

Pinner in TO, is the poster boy for football in Toronto and the league for that matter. Next to Wally his job is the safest.

Taaffe in Hamilton, its going to be rough, but as long as the team is headed in the right direction and continues to improve, he should be allowed a season. He has his GM behind him.

Popp in Montreal, obviously he isnt going to fire himself, or is he. Jim is wearing so many hats right now for this team I just don’t think he can do it all, or wants to. After the Als commence their fall slide look for Jim to replace himself. Maciocia should be available by then.

So there you have it, my take on this years coaching casualties.

Buono is 100% safe.

If the Eskimos struggle, I see Maciocca stepping out of the HC role and letting Jacques Chapdelaine take over, as he is now officially the "assistant head coach" not the "assistant coach", the title is obviously awkward and foreshadows the future in intself. I don't see Maciocca leaving Edmonton completely, since he was just promoted to Director of Football operations. If he did step away as HC he'd probably just take this job.

Another early playoff exit and Higgins loses his job as stamp's HC.

Austin is probably good to go all season long no matter what happens. The team is moving in a new direction and if things don't work out this season, I'm sure he'll be on a long leash.

Berry is pretty safe IMO, unless the team completely implodes this season and finishes out of the playoffs.

Pinball is safe.

Taaffe in Hamilton will be givin at least two years IMO to turn things around in Hamilton. The team won't get anywhere if they keep changing HCs, and Taaffe has a proven record of success.

Popp in Montreal could be the most likely to step out of the HC role IMO. The headcoaching duty may be too much for him to handle for a whole season.

Higgins is the interesting one; how would it play out? General Manager Jim Barker tells coach Higgins "You're fired"....and then Team President Tom Higgins tells General Manager Jim Barker "YOU'RE FIRED"

Then they all meet back at the ranch and Ted has them settle it with a good old fashioned bunk house brawl, hee haw.

They are safe there is no rush in Stampederland! :lol:

The only way I see Higgins losing his job before the season ends is if the Stamps REALLY stumble out of the gate - say, 1-4 or 1-5.

Austin and Taffe will get a year at least. Barry will have to live up to the standard he set last year, but even if he doesn't quite live up to it, he should be safe. Although, he's another one that could go if the team stumbles out of the gate.

I'd say Taffe is the safest for if his team starts bad, just because it's the Ti-Cats, and they'd better give the new guy a shot :wink:

Machokea, well, if the Esks make it apparent early on that they're no better than they were last year, he could be gone quickly.

Buono's safe, because it's Buono. Pinball's probably safe, for the same reason.

Jim Popp is just weird ... who knows what he'll do with himself, no matter how the season goes ... as an Als fan, I'd rather see a new coach, whether or not Popp sticks around as GM.

I think Machokea will be the first, and quite possibly only, one to go this season. After the season, there could be some turnover in Calgary (another playoff choke?), Winnipeg (huge dropoff from 2006?) or Regina (significant progress backwards). If Toronto doesn't live up to expectations (at LEAST an East Final appearance), Pinball may be coerced into "retiring" ...

Its tough to predict who is going to going to be fired first, as a difference of opinion, a falling out of some type may lead a coach to be turfed. It could be for no reason at all , just look at what happened to Claude Julien in NJ for proof of that.

I think most of the coaches are safe. If any team stumbled to, say 0-8 (Even Wally) they might be in jeopardy. Piggy, I like your take. I think the only one that might be looked at closely is Machocia. If Edmonton starts out at .500 Disco Danny will be okay. But if they start out 1-7, he could be shown the door.

Mad Jack you are right no panic in Stampeder land.

Higgins, Maccocia (or however you spell it), and Popp are most likely, in my mind to either be fired, step down, or put into a different position. Im not sure if anyone will be straight up fired, as all three of those guys have other positions with their respective teams.

Austin is safe in Saskatchewan. He and Tillman are too close for Tillman to fire him. Its funny to me how people were saying it was bad that Roy and Danny are close and that it wasnt good for the team. Guess what? This is Roy And Danny Version II, Tillman and Austin Edition. They will go out together when they leave the team (or in a similar fashion as version I), IMO.

Danny M.. maybe if he starts 0-10.

The only coaching Change I see Happening is something with Popp. that isn't a firing as much a hiring.

He needs to have some reasoning to not have hired a headcoach, either he thinks it's not needed or he has someone in mind.

Rumblings out of the Ranch say, that if the Stamps lose to the Argos, Higgins is gonzo, can Stamp fans confirm this ?

I think it depends how the Stamps lose to the Argos. I don't see Higgins getting fired anytime soon.

Maciocia is a guy that, should the Eskimos continue to stumble, I could see gone. Last year the eskies lost 2 games that were due to poor coaching. The one in Edmonton against Winnipeg when Milt score like a 96 yard touchdown at the last minute. And the game at BC place where they failed to get off the field goal.

Jim Popp should never hired himself to coach.
I didn't realize the man has such an ego. He is a great GM or VP of Football Op, being an excellent evaluator, but a HC he is not.
It was mentioned on the telecast Saturday by the sideline reporter, how Taffe's first choice to return back in the CFL was Montreal. He made one enquiry but it did not go past that.

.....If Cal. or the Als. don't get their act'll be a photo finish between Higgins and or Popp....Higgins could get kicked upstairs...relinquishing duties to an assistant....and Popp could take off one of his hats...the coaching one....and bring back Don Matthews...(i jest about the don)....that;s the trick in La Belle province...who fills the bill IF Popp pulls the plug on himself...that's a million dollar question.....the Als. have put themselves in a predicament ...or should i say Popp has....the natives could get restless.....toss up between Ned Flanders and Popp to become the first casualty....???? :roll: :roll:

Machewbacca will end up in Montreal as head coach sooner or later once he realizes he is in the Evil Empire. Hughie Campbell saw the light left and became a Jedi Warrior again. MaCHEWBACCA should do the same.
May the force be with!!!

Yes, that is an interesting scenerio.

Pinball, Wally, Austin, are all safe.

Berry, Taffe, I would say are safe unless something drastic happens.

Machocia will depend on the Esks making the playoffs.

Higgins and Popp are interesting scenerios!