Annual Locker Room Sale on December 9, 10 and 11. IWS

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats Football Club will be hosting their annual Locker Room Sale on December 9, 10 and 11.

The Ticats locker room will be open exclusively to Season Seat Holders on Friday, December 9, from 5-9 pm at Ivor Wynne Stadium.

The Locker Room Sale will then be open to the general public for the remainder of the weekend from 10am-4pm on Saturday, December 10 and 10am-2pm on Sunday, December 11.

Ticats fans can pick up a selection of game-worn helmets, jerseys, gloves, pants and other football operations equipment at the event. The Tiger-Cats retail department will also be offering great deals on Tiger-Cats merchandise with discounts up to 50% off.

Entrance to the Locker Room will be through the parking lot on Balsam Avenue between the Stadium and Brian Timmis Field.

This could be your last chance to see the historic locker room at Ivor Wynne Stadium, where your Ticats favourites, present and past, have called home.

If you have any further questions, please contact the TigerTown Store at 905-667-6206.

Lime Ridge Mall Store Extended Hours

Fans unable to make the Locker Room Sale can still pick up the newest Tiger-Cats swag at 1 Jarvis Street or TigerTown Sports at Lime Ridge Mall. TigerTown Sports, conveniently located in Lime Ridge on the second floor above the food court, has extended its hours for the month of December.

The store will be open from 9am-9 pm from Monday-Saturday and 10am-7pm on Sundays throughout the holiday season. TigerTown Sports also carries the latest in National Hockey League, Major League Baseball and NCAA apparel for all your sports fan needs.

Does anyone know if the discounts being offered in the Locker Room Sale will also be available through the online store? I wouldn't mind picking up some deals, but it's a little difficult for me to drop by the stadium - just a bit of a commute. :slight_smile:

Don't think the sale will be on line, but here is the link to the on line store

I wouldn’t think so either, but you never know. I’ll be checking the online store just in case. (Merry Christmas to me if the discounts are there. :slight_smile: )

Being that I could not find a jersey at the Jarvis street store to fit me. This sale might be my only hope!!!

I wonder if they plan on getting any Hamilton Bulldogs or McMaster Marauders stuff in the Limeridge store.

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I can't believe I lined up, in the cold for regular prices.
Sale was no big deal.
Got better pricing and selection at the Jarvis St store and a sneak peek at next years jersey's.
No more Gold pants in 2012

was there any game used equipment, or actual locker stuff?

Complaining about the locker room sale is an annual tradition, like complaining about the Grey Cup halftime act. I'm surprised anyone goes with high expectations anymore.

Some actual items- A Porter jersey ripped in the Eastern final, some game worn gloves of Chris Williams, helmets, and a few other items. Lots of replica jerseys for $150, a bunch of replicas from guys nobody could remember for $75. Only a couple of XXL blanks. Hats coming out of your ears (!) as well as other clothing.

Oh… and Stevie Baggs was there loading several boxes of goods he bought into his big white car with the Georgia plates. New hair-do. Cut fairly close except for a mini-mohawk about an inch high. He bantered with those of us waiting to get in for a minute. Guess he was buying Christmas presents!

I might go there today with the kids to see if I can get one of those 70’s retro jerseys or whatever else may appeal to me. Plus, a chance to see the old locker room before the stadium is ripped down.

I see from the previous entries that the bargains are not all that great. Oh well, might be a fun trip. My daughter really wants to go, but our son, who wears his tiger cat cap to school every day, does not. Go Figure???

The replica jerseys your refering to are actually game worn player jerseys. In addition to the game worn helmets, gloves, pants, there were practice jerseys, I thought it was really neat being in the locker room, each stall was set up with the players jersey and pants, kind of like Game Day :smiley:

Well worth the wait if you are looking for game worn apparel. Picked up a game worn jersey $75.00 and game used Reebok CFL gloves worn by Justin Hickman. The locker room was set as each individual players uniform was for sale, pants, jersey, helmut and gloves. If you looked hard enough there were some interesting items. The other items were probably from the tent area at the nort east endzone. Lots of hats and T-shirts. Good job by the equipment staff.............more stuff to add to the shrine.

I was down there with my daughter this morning. Didn't see all the equipment that you were referring to,Wildcats. Maybe, I didn't look in the right direction. I didn't see a jersey that I liked that fitted. Although, the lineman jerseys could have been worn as a dress even on me. I didn't realize that the ones hanging in the players' stalls were for sale. I saw a lot of names on the ones hanging on the rack that I didn't recognize.

Picked up a scarf, license plates covers for my car, and a small plastic helmet for my daughter. I spoke with one of the sales reps about the 5 game pack. Got a free copy of the 2011 media guide. You know, to me, that locker room looks way smaller in person that it does in pictures or on TV.

I was curious to see the store at Lime Ridge, so we went up. When I got there, bought a yellow hoodie in XXXL. It fit good. Tried to find more stuff that size with no luck. Got a white cap, two more license plate covers for my wife's car and another small plastic helmet for my son. Got a free touque with the hoodie. The license plate covers are all installed. So, Bob has yet another 2 travelling billboards for the team.

Well, now, all that spending should help them sign Austin or Cortez. LOL.

By the way, at the Lime Ridge store, they have the Tiger cat sneakers on sale. The price is $79.99. Reeboks. Not a bad price. Like the shoes and was tempted to buy a pair. My Interac card was too exhausted from my previous purchases to do it.