Annual, Do Not Watch the Super Bowl

Yes folks, it’s that time of year.
Winter is upon us, the coldest month of the year will be soon and wait it’s also a good time to get that favourite book out and read on Sunday.
Or, spend time with the ones you love, maybe enjoy the outside with skiing for the weekend.
Bottom line, a few of us here do exactly that and avoid the snore fest known annually as the biggest hype non TV event in the “World”, even though as we know no one outside of NA watches.
Sign in please…with your details for Sunday.

I’ll be watching the Super Bowl since I don’t suffer from CFLIC.

As every year I am with you ArgoT. In fact until a few days ago I did not even know it was this Sunday and I had no idea who was playing.

This Sunday as usual I will go out to my garage, spark a fire in the stove, spark the head to listen to some commercial free classic rock and drink a few pints. I put windows in my back garage door at eye level so I can watch the deer, the pheasants, the hawks and many, many birds… When I go in around 6pm my wife will have either a roast beef or a roast chicken with potatoes and vegies waiting for me. Has anybody tried roast bison ? It’s better than beef… Then have a cup of tea and watch a movie or listen to more music… Probably be in bed before halftime and definitely before the end of the game. Ho Hum.

But I do hope everyone who watches will enjoy it.

This thread is becoming one of my favourite Super Bowl traditions. I think we should all make threads for events we don’t watch. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you Dano for being in our club.
Never had bison, but you are not the only one to tell me it’s really good.
My wife has tried moose and said it good. Is that the same though?

Thank you letsG, but for the record are you with us?

Ok, I’ll bite what is the meaning of your acronym?

Nah, I love the Super Bowl. I just get a kick out of you guys going out of your way to tell people you’re not watching every year.

Canadian Football League Inferiority Complex.

Hey letsgoticats, it’s an annual tradition here!

Both bison and moose are terrific eating; I’d be hard-pressed to say which one I prefer. They both are superior by far to supermarket beef, in my opinion. And healthier as well.


make the same topic for NBA and MLB and I am there.

BTW, you might be surprised at how many outside NA watch the game. And they are not all USA citizens either

But what about all those who go out of their way to tell us they are watching ?

Bison is way better than beef and so is moose. Moose and bison do not taste the same though IMO.

I will watch because right now I have nothing but time on my hands… thanks to surgery and off work for 6 weeks… and have no interest in watching any news channels for quite awhile… and will leave it at that…

Absolutely, they will never tell us that.

FYB, I wish I could post the article/report that I read about this.
The only thing surprising was how low the viewership in Europe specifically Britain…almost infomercial type.
However fake news NFL and even here in Canada, will tell you it’s a billion plus people.
Which is ridiculous when you figure around 100M US approximate viewership.

Why can’t you post the article/report you read about this?

The game starts around midnight and the numbers would drop as time moves to the early hours of Monday .

The next day is Monday a work day usually for many .

In theUK, for example, the BBC showed the game live and the audience peaked at 1.3 million in the opening five minutes (broadcast at almost 11.30pm, of course), a figure which was 100,000 more than the 2018 peak. In addition, online viewing figures for the BBC increased by 31% compared with last year.

Sambo buddy, glad to hear you are doing well after such serious surgery…enjoy your time off…Let’s hope the problem is solved.

All sounds good to me! Three questions though:

  1. Whereabouts in New Brunswick do you live?

  2. What kind of stereo set-up do you have in your garage?

  3. Which bands are your favourites?