Annoying media

After reading some of the online articles from different cities and national sites (for example the Sun paper chain) I am pretty disappointed in the attitude I see. Everyone is amazed that the Riders and Bombers won because it was so clear that BC and Toronto were superior. They've even gone so far as to use the word miracle.

Winnipeg missed first by one point. The Riders were one play away from being within one point of the Lions in the west. It's not like these were two 9-9 teams beating two 14-2 teams. It seemed the teams were the closest any division finalists have been for years.

All about writing stories and saying stuff to sell newspapers or make people go to websites. But no miracles for sure as you say BigU.

Miracle is a stretch lol. I guess the thing is that BC was most definitely the favorite going in and being the defending champs on home turf with the best record, most all stars and a dominating presence in the awards confirms this. Anyone can win any game, thats football. Saying one team is superior was probably based on the things I mentioned above. I think they weren't far off base. Because you lose that one game doesnt tell the whole story.

Now going into the one play from one point thing is weak. Ifs are for losers. You mention the riders being one play from being one point but why do you not mention the Lions being one bad penalty from having a very good chance of winning a 15th game? Oh i bet the hate on is showing again.

1970 the third place Als beat the third place Stamps in the Grey Cup.
It just another way for the anti-cfl people to complain

I find the phrase "annoying media" to be redundant.

Wut > not saying the Lions weren't full-on for their first place finish. Just pointing out the fact that it was a lot closer than some media give credit for.

I suspect the media is looking at this way. Winnipeg although they started hot, really cooled off considerably in the last few weeks of the season. In fact they were easily handled by Toronto just before the end of the season. Yes, it might have been an injury riddle couple of games, but they were still man handled.

In BC and Sask, with the exception of one game you had two teams that matched up to each other very well. But with the potential injuries on Sask side Cates, Chris C., Matt D, DJ Flick, it didn't look like Sask would field a strong team. In the ened only Matt D wasn't able to play. Injuries weren't the deciding factor in this game it was passion that was.

TSN on their website refer to Winnipeg's beating Toronto as "stunning". Oh really?

Winnipeg was in first place most all year, only lost it on the last weekend of the season, and finish in second place. By one point.

When the second place team is only behind the first place team by one point at the end of the season, and then beats that first place team in a playoff game, that is NOT what I call "stunning".

....hardly 'stunning''re right MadJack..I think the Bombers were really the team to beat in the east...and most people knew it....except some media types...who either don't follow football that close...or are 'over-playing' their news....guess it sells... :roll:

And isn't mentioning a penalty that cos them "a very good chance of winning a 15th game" an IF?????????? What penalty by the way? That procedure penalty by Murphy?? :smiley:

One (Vancouver) paper printed "grit won out over talent" as if the Riders had no talent on our team, even though we happen to have the West MOP nominee as our QB, not to mention a whole slew of allstars and lots of league leading stats. Oh well, I guess the "underdog" story is always a good one. If you read the pre-game quotes from the Lions players and coaching staff, I don't think they were underestimating the Riders as formidable opponents. A lot of media types expected it to be a Lion's blowout I guess. I even think the kickoff time for the GC is late because BC was expected to be in. Kind of foils my plans for a pre-game brunch party but oh well, wings and ribs it is....or just a really looong brunch....

Wow Rider fans your in the Grey Cup game quit complaining enough already. Be happy!

It is angry joy :wink:

Dude, I didn’t listen to the post-game show from Regina yesterday…but I’ll guarantee that at least one person called in saying that yesterday was grounds for benching Kerry Joseph in the Grey Cup. It’s a weekly tradition in Regina; calling for the backup QB. In fact, I’ve been thinking of starting an office pool on how long it takes after the Riders win a game, until someone calls in complaining about the starter.

I agree it is ridiculous. I am an Argo fan and I know that it is ridiculous to think that Toronto has more talent than Winnipeg.

I think a lot of Argo fans and the Toronto media were fooled by their winning streak that ocurred at the end of the season.

But think about it, in that stretch they played Hamilton twice (need I say more), Edmonton twice (playing their backup QB), Montreal twice (Calvillo on the downturn in one game and a backup QB in the other) and Winnipeg twice (injuries have hurt them and Glenn is not playing like he did in the first half of the season). The only difficult game was against B.C. and they lost 40-7. Do you see what I am getting at?

The only good game they played in that stretch was the last game of the season against Saskatchewan. However, the Riders were playing many backups so the win is a little tainted.

To me it is obvious that the Argos were not a very good football team this year. They were highly overrated.

Their luck finally ran out. You are not going to win big games against good teams with a great defence and no offence.

I think Argo fans and the media need a huge dose of reality. They were not an elite team in the CFL this season.

If Toronto had played teams in that stretch that were healthy and playing well and still won I would be singing a completely different tune. But, unfortunately that was not the case. Think about it, half way through the season they were fighting Hamilton for last place.