annoying jerk

I have been going to all the Lions home guys this year and I must say I am really sick of that annoying jackass who keeps yelling to cheer while the opposition is preparing to snap the ball. Give the fans a little more credit, we know when to cheer without having some goof yelling at us, get rid of him.

never been to a lions game, but is he like the FAmous Heckler who goes to all the TAmpa BAy DEvil Ray games?

nobody like that goes to bomber games

I think he means the stadium announcer who is down at field level doing his thing. I kinda like the guy especially the player introductions. Watching him belt out some of those names with his face to the roof is kind of neat.

Someone should be telling the crowd this year to forget the wave when the home team is on offence. That is kiind of bad this season.

.......there's P.A. announcers at every game who's job is to pump up the crowd when they have fallen a little's probably not something that's going to go away anytime soon......if you find the announcer himself annoying maybe call the lions head office to see if he is under contract, if not maybe they can replace him with someone more entertaining.....a few years back the stamps had the morning guy from our hard rock FM station doing the crowd announcing thing and it was really fun, he was responsible for a lot of crazy on-field things and his announcing was pretty risque, but he no longer does it and a morning AM guy fills the role now, he does the job but is very vanilla and not very edgy......oh well, can't have everything......

Oh I love that loud-mouth at the D Rays games. He's good at getting under your skin. He loves heckling that peice of junk Hinske. We got a complete goober for a PA announcer that the fans hate, therefore solidifying his job security with the Hamilton Stink-Ass Cats forever.

Speaking of announcer changes, what ever happened to Bill Courage who did the Lions announcing a few years or so back? I liked him and he was also an on air radio guy who always said good things about Lion football and the CFL. He could be a bit risque too if I recall from his radio shows. I have no idea where he is now.

Hell, I'd like to see Crazy George back at the games

I s he still wearing a straight jacket! He did get the crowd going!

Crazy came back a few years ago for the Lions anniversary. He’s got a LOT more Grey hairs now.

HW Gill, I’ll second that, Bring him back, he was better than any Fan-o-Meter.

R&W2005, No straight jacket, although I think I saw him hanging around Parliament Hil…LOL

Ya he would look normal right! He was good entertainment. I really dislike the zipper heads running around. Harvey the hound was the only one that really made me laugh. I remember a few fans fighting with Ralph and Lary Quarich during a Stamp game and I think it was a rider game in the pouring rain. The coach gave the finger to all the fans and the fight was on. Even some of the Stamp players took punches at their coach.

Man, I even remember Crazy George coming to some WHL games when I was a kid. He was nutso - I loved it!! Brings me back. . .that was a long time ago. . .

Blue Bombers have the best annoucer. he talks with enthusiasm all the time, alot more attention grabbing than the other announcers you can here in the back ground of other games