annoying ad

Who is that with Kevin Glenn in that annoying ad that comes on when you open this site? :roll: Talking about butchering the English language :oops:

The only one I've seen is the one with Glenn and Dave Stala. Nothing jumps out as grammatically incorrect in what Stala is saying, which is what the expression "butchering the language" normally means. Neither did I notice any mispronounced words.

If he's not as natural and confident a public speaker as Glenn, maybe it has something to do with the fact that he didn't even start learning English until he arrived in Canada from Poland at age 8. Give the guy a break.

What's annoying is that there doesn't appear to be any block for the ad so I have to close the page if I want to access the forums and read without the chatter.. Been doing that less lately just because of the ad.

To stop the ad from playing, click on the ad when it begins and it will pause.

WOW ! you dont even know thats HAMILTON'S OWN DAVE STALA !!! ??