announcers for Toronto VS Edmonton game....sorta

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sounds to me like its gonna be a big mess!!!

Third, Red& White,
Here's your chance. get on that plane to Edmonton!

........oh, this should be just a hoot..........why not mike-up a couple of linemen as well and go without the two second delay........

i hope the crowd comes across LOUD on tv this way...the announcers always seem to drown-out the crowd noise, which really irks me.

and they never show enough crowd-shots....i wanna know the crowd is really pumped-up for the game...makes it seem more important and intense.

good thing im making the trip down to this game

what the heck it might actually be like Im in the stands

Did I hear this right, the announcer at the EE game will be our play by play guy......

That's what I heard pigseye.

Actually, I am listening to the Bomber pregame on CJOB here in Winnipeg and they just announced that they will carrying the agro esks game and that there will be no play by play on CBC

Will be very interesting to watch. Just like being at the game. If I don't like it, I will just turn the radio play by play on at the same time.

NY Jets tried this as an experiment back in the 1980's in a game against the dolphins, in response to people saying that football doesn't need annoying announcers....One whole game of nothing but crowd noise and whatever you could make out the PA announcer saying...end resu;t

Huge FAILURE fans ended up hating it.

Eskimos32001 I'm going to this game! My first game in Commonwealth ever! Man this city is awesome! My feet are f***in sore from walking around West Edmonton Mall! It's HUGE! Damn! I got a Ricky Ray jersey. Anyways I'll be movin around all over the place we just got bad tickets and we'll move around. So my bro will be in a blue Ladainian Tomlinson jersey, and I'll be in my Ray green jersey. Maybe I'll see ya.

where can i listen to the game on-line?

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