Announcers a joke

Those clowns are so unprofessional ...Ford kisses the Argos butts on a regular basis and Rod Black doesn't know anything about Football ...

Forde is great. Black is not.

Then they would be the perfect guys to call a Ticats game wouldn't they.

Not very original … oh well …like I said in a previous post simple things … lol …

Zamperin is the joke.


I don't here too much of Zamp because I'm either at IWS or watching TSN. So what is the problem with him?

I don't recall to many announcers affecting the outcome of a game

Forde like a proper color commentator will give more props to the team that's playing the best on a given night. Him and cuthbert probably bash the Ticats the least!

Forde and Cuthbert are probably the best that TSN has. Now imagine "the voice of god" Brent Musburger from ABC coming up to call a couple cfl games! That would be neat!

Imagine if Howard Cosell and Don Meredith were still around to do CFL play by play...
Now that would be interesting! :thup: