Announcements and Replays

We knew from the coin toss that the official's microphone was feeding back. Yet for most of the game you couldn't hear him announce penalties and much of the time he wasn't shown making the calls on the big screen. Neither did the announcer repeat them on the PA. Moreover, we weren't shown many key, penalized or disputed replays either (like the challenge on the punt return that resulted in a Montréal touchdown).
The PA announcer should be coached :twisted: that an important part of his job is to announce each and every penalty clearly and dispassionately. And what's the point of having "Tigervision" if the fans in the stadium aren't getting the same benefits of instant reply as those watching TV at home?

At least the volume was turned down. Thank heavens for that. I actually got to hear people around me talking about the game rather than ten second sound bites of pop music nobody will be listening to in two weeks.

Jason Farr is too busy listening to himself speak then to actually be of some use like to tell the crowd what the call was. He tells us when a player is leaving the field for a rest though.

Give us the facts and only the facts and shut up the rest of the time,Jason.

Ya i agree the replays were non exsistent most of the time .they dont want to show them when thier is a penalty or a close call . Well why bother if that`s the way you want to be ? I watch the field not the screen when the play is happening . I want to see replays !!!!

Here's my idea: have the music soundbite guy and the replay guy switch jobs.

Music Soundbite Guy never misses an opportunity to play a clip. I can't think of a single 5-second period (other than during the plays) where there was silence coming from the PA system.

Replay Guy, on the other hand, acts as though there is a quota on replays, and half the time chooses not to display them at all. Even when there is a 3 or 4-minute break while the ref's reviewed that punt return - we only saw a single replay. Roughing the kicker call: not even one replay. Thanks for that.

Imagine how different the game experience would be if you could see every replay, AND occasionally have a conversation with the people you came with?

thats an amazing idea lol :lol: . but ya the cats are the only team that dossnt show there fans replays of questionable calls. i wanted to see if holmes touched it but nope they wouldnt show me and at the end of the game when we got the lat hit on the kicker has our player already in the air i have no clue didnt get to see a replay.

I agree that the announcements could have been better when the refs mikes were not working. While I do know many of the penalty signals, I don't know them all, and often missed the call made by the ref. This would certainly have made things clearer, and would be of value instead of some of the other drivle that is commented on.

As far as replays go, it is often common practice to not show controversial or close calls. The reason for this is to avoid having the refs get lynched by the home team fans, who typically only see close calls as going against them. While I would have liked to have seen some of the replays, I can guarantee you that it would only have made me even more disgusted with the refs.

I felt like I was being ripped off. I felt pretty much the same way at the Argos game in Toronto. At both locations it just seemed like the "producers" of the Stadium experience didn't care at all about the game, they just wanted to blast fans with music and commercials.

Fans will stop going to the games if they feel like they are being treated like second class citizens.

(I guess I'll have to start bringing a radio to the game so I can find out whats going on.)


Well said! It will fall on deaf ears in the Ticat office. But well said.

I agree that the PA guy should announce every penalty if the refs audio is not working. But who is going to tell him what the penalty was? If we cannot figure it out what chance does he have?