Announcement tomorrow-TIM HORTONS FIELD

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Drew Edwards has confirmed our new stadium will be named "Tim Horton's Field". I can't say I am surprised, I dont believe they have any stadiums or arenas named after them. It will feel weird, I think ill still refer to it a IWS2 lol.

Either way, can't wait for the new stadium. Oskee wee wee.

Long live Civic Stadium!

By the way, will it be Tim Horton's filed AT....

Great News :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :thup: :thup: :thup: this forum is on Fire with all the positive news :slight_smile: Lets keep it going all weekend :thup:

Tim Horton's Field at Ivor Wynn stadium sounds better

Its about time that company got their name out to the general public.

I hear this Tim Hortons thing just might catch on

Can't think of a more appropriate name.... :rockin:

Cool Beans Man!

How far is the stadium from the corner of Ottawa & Dunsmure anyway? I might have to make a pilgrimage from there to the new stadium next year!!


10 minutes max..... walking... stopping to grab a double double even....

We can even change the teams name to go with stadium sponsor....Im thinking..... Maybe....Hamilton CRULLER-CATS :roll: :roll: or even maybe Hamilton COFFEE-CATS :wink: :wink: anybody else think of some more???? Lets have some fun with this CAT NATION!!! See how many new nick-names we can think up :rockin:

Haha Cool!! I'm a large of XL guy though with one cream only, I can't stand sugar in my Tims :smiley:

It's good to see my fellow Ticat fans happy about anything right now. :slight_smile:

Perfect name. Literally a perfect name.

I hope the new Riders stadium in a few years will be named Watermelon Head stadium. All the Canadian (or even North American) watermelon growers can sponsor the name.

Excellent! Tim Horton's field at the Blueberry Patch (blueberry fritters my favourite)

I think Tim Hortons Field is a great name and to be honest I kinda expected Tim's to be the sponsor for some reason.

This is a pretty big deal really.

I don't get all the excitement.

It's just a corporate name. That was expected all along, no?

And wasn't this a clue?

Google shows 15 minutes walking, 3 minutes driving.

If someone gave you a lot of money for putting there name on your house, I think you would be a little excited :rockin:

I am not suprised you don't get it ......its too positive .

Yes, it's positive news that's old news.

Corporate naming rihgts were always part of the plan of the new stadium.

Arcelor-Mittal, Fox 40, Wal-Mart, Primus, Wiser's, Buffalo Wild Wings, Carling...what's the difference?

Boy of boy, losing a lot must really set the bar low.

I'll get excited when the tabbies win.

Glad you're excited. Carry on the high fiving... :rockin:

Tim Horton Stadium…Yah Yah Yah :thup: :smiley: