Anniversary of IWS memorial

Ok i might be a hanger on but i cant help but remeber today being the last game ever played at IWS.
Just a lil topic to share some great memories in the old girls honour.
Walking around the stadium that day and reliving the different hilites and low lites of years gone by for me was fun.
Then again going in the guys bathroom balsam and beechwood side and finding half the stadium guys and girls in there smoking and drinking was pretty fun too all escaping from the driving rain .
But walking outta the gates for the last time and knowing it wouldnt just be for 6 months brought a tear to my eye.
Thank you IWS no matter where we play or how great the facility is You were the best

WELL SAID BOBO how do i upload pics to the foroum i got some great ones

You need to insert the img tags then type or copy/paste the URL of the location of your images. You can do this easily by clicking the little yellow "Img" button above the text area. It's probably best to use a site like Photobucket or whichever one you are comfortable with to store your images and make they available to be uploaded into your post. The following is an example of what you should see while editing your post:


That's how I do it. If you other more experienced forum users have a better way, please share.
Good luck ticatbill, hope to see your pics of the "old lady" soon.

My little piece of the old girl, with some legs and supports added.

Nice bench where would u have bought that from or was it walking n u gave it a home lol I got a bathroom brick a wheelchair sign and a piece of turf hanging in the mancave the sneaky lil guys hid in my car n made themselves a new home

A worthy throne for any Cat fan! :slight_smile:

Oski Wee Wee,


I love the original Sharpie application of the seat number...