Angus Reid!!

I just don't see this guy as a starter!! His OG's and OT's make him look good but he's soft. Next game, look where the pressure from the defense comes from when the QB is in trouble!! Replace Reid and the QB's completions go up!!

Oh please, after Reid went out yesterday, the eskies were getting at DD even faster. :roll:

hey wanna trade us sam young?????? LOL

You want another washed up DB?

How long is Reid gonna be out for?

washed up..thats a little harsh for a 3rd year western conference all star DB...i think you guys need to give him another chance

Whats that 45 year old guy you have playing in the secondary? You need Sam Young.

I didn’t think Young was doing a bad job. IMO, there are other guys who Wally should think about replacing.

BTW, Glatt did a decent job last night.

sooooo u wanna trade us him then gill

we will give you future considerations :wink:

well, i guess your getting what you wanted since he got injured last game, i've haven't heard anything on the extent of the injury, but it looked pretty bad.

reid's history with injuries.....he's not hurt to bad but he will milk this injury.....he doesn't like pain!!

footballfan138.... you are an idiot and obviously know nothing about about Angus Reid's career... "he will milk this injury"? "he doesn't like pain"?... this is a guy who has not missed a start in 4 years... and i can guarantee that there were games in which he was in pain... but still stayed out there and played.

And as far as you not seeing him as a starter... that's why you're not the coach... you don't stay a starter on Buono's team if you can't cut it... did you not happen to notice the extra pressure that was on Dickenson after Reid went down?

please... keep your uneducated thoughts to yourself... as the rest of us know better.


chronicguy.....does reid talk to you after every game?...are you that close..the OC position for the lions, has, for many years been a postion held by a softie...ala sinclair et al....there hasn't been a power OC since Al Wilson and you can't compare Angus to Al...let's see how long reid is out....with a close game like the edmonton game, you suck it up and stay in...unless of course, surgery is required!! but if this injury does not require surgery then i stand by my words...he is soft!! extra pressure on dd...of course, was his backup...what would you expect?? who's us??

oh.. sorry... i guess you ARE talking to him after the games eh? Just because i don't know the guy doesn't mean i can't say he has started EVERY GAME over the last FOUR years... and at the C position you will be hurting more than once in 4 years...that i can guarantee. Does he have the power of Wilson?... no, but hardly any C's do these days...but that doesn't make him "soft". And who are you to say he should have stayed in there cuz it was a close game??.... do you know what the extent of his injury is?? until you can put up with the pain those guys go through for 4 years and start every game, it's probably best you not judge those that can.

and you know the pain??.....if reid's injury was not potentially surgery related....he stays in the game!! reid knows better than anyone the extent of a cold backup coming in....the lions had a shot at winning this one but they needed a complete starting unit to do this....maybe he's juat afraid of a little lightning!!! as i said, if the injury needs surgery...ok...if not, he bailed!!

Jamie Taras??

no... i don't know how much pain he is in.... but neither do you... my point is that you can't call a guy who has not missed a start in 4 years "soft"... in otherwords... he has played through pain before... thats not soft.. there is no way he or anyone else in the league has played 4 years without having pain... so for him to start every game for 4 years says something... Just because you don't think he is that good does not make him soft... if has had a history of missing games due to pain then fine, you might have an argument.. but as long as he is starting every game, you have nothing to stand on.

Now, as far as your bit about "if reid's injury was not potentially surgery related....he stays in the game!!"... all i can say is that i'm glad you're not the coach... what kind of dumbass risks further injury to their starting centre in just the FOURTH game of the season?.. aparently you would... enough said.

dickenson is the only player that would qualify for sidelne duty due to a knick!! every other player is dispensable!! coaches keep their jobs with “W’s” not “L’s”…protecting players who say they are hurt and can still play, but don’t, usually add up to a loss and possibly the coaches job…if buono is doing this, then maybe he’s getting soft in his old age…if a head coach has to make a decision to protect himself or a player…he will choose himself…that’s pro sports!! there is a popular phrase in sports…"if you are hurt, play…if you are injured, sit!! we just wait and see what angus’s situation is!!

andy dobbs......agreed!! taras would be #2 behind wilson.....