Angie`s " Casa"

This is quite a nice feature to add to the site. Youre sure to enjoy it. A lovely home( wait till you see his souvenirs!)...nice to know " our hero" and his family are able to enjoy his years after sports.
Special thanks to Angie for allowing us to share his personal and private world.
All the best,Angie...and keep the pasta comin` !
P.S. We need a good Italian restaurant BACK here in Caledon !

I enjoyed that also.....very well done ! :slight_smile:

Thanks big Ange. :thup:

Really enjoyed this clip also. What a guy! I wonder if he's a parmesan or romano man with the pasta?

Nice place …

Hey Cumpare:


A very nice place on the lake in Niagara-On-The-Lake
with 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 3000 Square Feet

with a deck the full length of the back of the house

Isn't "mangia cake" a religious/cultural slur? From context, it doesn't look like big Ang meant it to be derogatory, but isn't it generally a derogatory term?

Yeah, its what Italians call anyone non-Italian. Makes them feel better about being called WOP’s for the last hundred years :wink:

Mangia cake means 'cake eaters' which is what British people are like to Italians. (cake, doughnuts, muffins, scones, tea biscuits etc.) Don't know if it is meant to be derogatory, not affection either, maybe just slang nickname originally.
Unlike the French who call the British 'roast bif', always a pot roast on the stove I guess.
Unlike what the British call Frenchman & Italians, not going there!
Most people don't know that WOP was originally a designation for immigrants/refugees after WWII who had no papers, With Out Papers, WOP was stamped on the immigration application.

As a man of total Italian background, but born in Canada, I can tell you that I have been called many names that are considered derogatory because of the manner in which they are delivered.

I have been called wop, dago, grease ball and many others over the years and thus became defensive and sometimes, even vindictive towards the name callers. Like many Italo-Canadians, we referred to all non-Italians as "Mange Cakes."

Originally, I would say these words with much venom applied to them, but in the past 30 years or so, I have dropped the venom and even married the girl of my dreams who hails from England.

As a young boy growing up, I attended school here in Hamilton, where the Italians had to be separated from everybody else.
We were made to walk miles to our own church rather than use the church next to the school yard with the other students.

Many of my uncles and my dad fought for Canada in WW2 while other relatives were sent to concentration camps up north simply by virtue of having a last name that was Italian which meant that there was a possibility that they were fascists. (Go figure!) I visited a relative in Italy a few years ago who was a pilot in WW2 and he showed me photos of himself in a hospital situation where he was in traction and all bandaged up from head to foot after being shot out of the sky by the allies. I kidded him and told him he was fighting on the wrong side and that it was possibly my dad who took him out.

Anyway, it would be ludicrous in this day and age for anyone to take offense to the term, "Mange Cake." It is usually said now in jest with no insult intended.

One of my uncles who ended up in a Canadian concentration camp was Sam Bartolini, the father of Ralph Bartolini who played for the Ti-cats and the Ottawa Roughriders.