Angelo Mosca's 1972 Grey Cup Ring Being Auctioned

For all the Tiger-Cat high rollers.

Sad! Must mean he is in financial difficulty? I hope not but one never knows.


Would like to hear the back story on this one.

Know the family, and I don't believe they are in financial stress. Ang certainly wouldn't be in a capacity to make the decision to sell.

I'm quite sure this ring was, for whatever reason, sold/parted with long ago, and the current owner has it up for sale.

Ang lived a colourful life before falling ill. A number of reasons the ring could have fallen into another persons hands.

I would say this would be the single most treasured piece of Ticat memorabilia for any collector. Would be for me for sure!

What about the tooth that Mitchell Price knocked out of Matt Dunigan’s head in the 1986 Grey Cup game?

Or the goal posts from Ivor Wynne?

Mosca sold a bunch of stuff in 2011, and The Spec did a brief story about it at the time (including comments from Mosca). That 2011 story mentioned that he had sold his '72 Grey Cup ring two years prior.

It always saddens me a little when I read or hear about a player selling his Greycup ring.

Iunderstand they have their reasons.

Butsome players work their entire career to get one…and most never do…

Itz one of those thinga that should stay in the family, get passwd down for as long as possible. I would want to have that thing on my finger when I go 6ft under, if I were to have won one!

From the article:

Angelo Mosca figures he has enough football memories inside his head.

The iconic former Tiger-Cats defensive lineman recently put a number of items of memorabilia up for grabs in an online auction, including items from the 1972 Grey Cup victory and his “Wall of Honour? tribute ring.

The 73-year-old says he isn’t in financial trouble, but he will be giving the proceeds to his granddaughter Bethany, who will be starting her master’s degree at the University of Guelph this fall.

How sad is that first line?