Angelo Mosca passes away

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End of an era. Condolences to all.


Very sad.

God speed Ang.


I'm "liking" the post only as a means of saying thank you for authoring it.
There is nothing to "like" about this.



Sadness reigns in Tiger Cat land
Baddy to some, HERO to many
All those 68 sweaters in the stands will have to get together for a 'team' picture on the 2oth

He was such a kind hearted soul (which you would never expect from his grim exterior).

My mother was very close friends with Ang's daughter. When I played rep hockey as a kid Ang was always there to support us for any fundraising event, card show, or just to provide items for raffles.

I have a photo where I'm a couple years old, just a baby, and I'm holding onto his finger. My hand didn't wrap all the way around his pointer finger. He was such a massive man.

His laugh, deep and hearty. He could sneer and scare all the kids...parents would laugh, then Ang would break into this beautiful grin. He loved it.

We loved him.

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I have been priviliged to meet him a couple of times.

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RIP to a true legend of the game on and off the field

Try convincing anyone under the age of 50 Mosca was as household a name brand media star nation-wide to even the most casual observers. Says much about him , the league and what canadian sport used to be.

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maybe under the age of 40. But your point is well taken.

Then there is the pro wrestling . King Kong Mosca was a notable brand , too.

As have I, DCF; and a real pleasure it was.

First time was at a Grey Cup in Montreal in 2008, sat down in a hotel lobby with Ang and Hal Patterson; a very memorable day for me.

And then again, sat down just me and Ang at the hotel lobby in Vancouver, Grey Cup weekend in 2011, moments after his famous 'bout' with Joe Kapp.

Memories that I shall take to my grave.

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Sure was.

the original King Kong.

A true legend. My condolences to his family, a sad day for all of us. He and Garney Henley were the only things I knew of the Ticats as a little kid. If you haven’t had the chance, read Steve Milton’s biography, Tell Me To My Face.


A legend passes....RIP.
Remembering the day Mosca's flag was raised at THF.:pray:

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So sad.

I am old enough to have seen him play through out the sixties and have meet him
at the stadium several times. This is a great lose to the city of Hamilton and us fans.
Some one should ask the Mayor to put the Flag a half mask for this day.

God Speed: Ang.

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I remember the 1965 Grey Cup game when Hamilton won vs Winnipeg 22-16 and got to see Mosca hoist the Grey Cup. Condolences to the Angelo Mosca family.

Such a sad day

A friend of mine asked if there was ever a player who epitomized a Team, a City, and a Fan Base better than Big Ang?

I said no

Rest In Peace Sir and heartfelt condolences to the family