Angelo Mosca Diagnosed with Alzheimer's

The Spectator this morning was full of the news regarding Mosca's latest fight; Alzheimer's disease.
I know that Hamilton fans will join with me in wishing Angelo all the best in the future. It appears
that years of hard nosed football and wrestling have taken a toll on Angie, but with his attitude, I know
he'll fight the good fight. I think I'm safe in assuring you Angelo, that Hamilton fans are solidly behind you.
We appreciate your dedication to our city and your on field play as a Hamilton tiger Cat.

My sister also has it and is fighting like a trooper.

May I wish Angelo and his family all the best.

It's a TERRIBLE disease. He and his wife face some incredibly hard and frustrating times in the years ahead. I hope they take solace and get strength from the support they have from all Ti-Cats fans.

We need more fundraising and money invested in the battle against this disease in particular and dementia in general. Those diseases are already overwhelming our Long Term Care facilities and even creating bedding shortages in our hospitals as critical cases use up hospital beds waiting for an opening at a Long Term Care facility.

People with dementia and Alzheimer's that are not currently considered critical cases (like my Mom who I'm caring for as best I can) face wait lists that are now 3-4 years long to get into Long Term Care Facilities and that situation may only get worse as our population ages.


Oski Wee Wee,


At least for now his long term memory is not affected so he can still remember the satisfying WHUMP of a power take down and the subsequent whining. Maybe new work with stem cells will help too.

Thinking positively, research in this area is should be our main hope. I have two close friends who have the early stage
diagnoses of Alzheimer's and one cousin (6 months older than me) with the same diagnosis. All have lost their driver's
licenses and await further deterioration. As someone else said, we are living longer and can likely expect more of this.
Sometimes, at my age, (70s) I can tell that I have slowed down mentally myself and question myself in terms of, "am I
losing it, or not) Its normal for folks to go mentally down hill as they age, but some go faster than others. I understand
that its good to keep the brain active. I guess the best we can hope for Angelo at this stage is to hope this disease can
go into regression or progress very slowly. We know he's a fighter, and fight he will. :thup:

My favorite picture of Mosca. In fact one of my favorite picture of all time.

Also one of my all time favourites,one of the most iconic photos ever taken in CFL history. Here is another pic that I love from that "72" Cup, Mosca and Henley holding their 4th and final Cup together,between them almost 30 years service as the faces of the Cats in the dynasty era from 1961-1972 when the team went to the Cup 7 times in 12 seasons and won it 4 times in a ten year span from "63" to "72". :rockin: :smiley: :cowboy: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: one thumbs up for every Cup you brought us.

Mosca and Henley.....2 of the reasons I became a Cats fan,and 2 of my All-Time Favourites being honoured at the Cats team of the century ceremonies. :rockin: :smiley: :cowboy:

The last time I saw Mosca was the summer of 2013 in Toronto. The Ticats were playing the Argos in Toronto and he was in the section behind the Ticat bench singing autographs, and was selling his book "Tell me to my face". He was in good spirits and seemed very alert then.

All the best to Angelo and his family in this difficult. The fight has just begun..

Mosca diagnosis worries other players. Peter Dalla Riva, Granville Liggins( who was taught to lead with his head when making tackles) and Al Moffat who upon retirement struggled with employment, marriages and business relationships. Toronto Star, Sports today.

After reading about what has happened to other professional athletes, in this league (Bobby Kuntz) and others, faced with this same awful affliction, I was concerned for Angelo and others and feared that this would come about. Sad to say that it has come true.

Yes, Rocky, I will.

3:47 of the video.