Anew start!!!

Hello everone,
Well Im getting bored bashing little rider fans.I have been doing it on this site for the last 2 years.Last year I was the only ONE.This year ther eseems to be alot of you around.I'm saying bye to bashing the riders.
After reading some of the posts the last couple of months.I have enjoyed posts from BIGDAVE,TURDANDTEN,ALSALLTHEWAY,and a couple of others.These guys know their stuff.If anyone wants to learn more than they can handle.READ THESE GUYS POSTS.I know I have ticked them off before.I would like to let them know that I have alot of respect for you guys.
I'm going to sit back and enjoy what they have to say.
So goodbye to the old SASKARGO,Hello with the new.
P.S. doesn't mean I'm going to take anyones crap either.

well, good luck on your new ways saskargo, maybe you can make some friends and be a fine contribution to this site.....

Thank you eskie,I'll need it.I'm willing to try.I love the CFL,and the fans.Best game on earth.No one can argue with me ont that!!!!

I For One Am Glad To See You Back, This Little Soap Hasn't Been As Interesting Without You. You Were One Of The Best Trash Talkers That This Site Has Seen, However I'm Interested To See How This New Leaf Affects Everyone Else On The Site. Without Someone To Unite To Hate Against There Could Be Total Panic (Yeah :roll: Like That Will Happend On This Site) Anyways I'm Starting To Ramble So It Must Be Getting Late, WElcome Back And We Look Forward To Seeing The New Saskargo.

Saskargo, I was just starting to tune in to your Sh** disturbing. It was good reading. Just when I find someone good, you are taking it away? Maybe you can just tone it down a tad and broaden your target to include the Eskies too. Just for fun?

Newfie, don't push her back into her addiction. Especially not after the therapy group "Riderbashers Anonymous" closed his Edmonton chapter.

Congratulations on your rebirth Saskargo and thanks for the good words. I hope you'll find a new way to express your wit. Don't just lay back and read posts. Stay into the action (if we can call this "action" anyways).

alsalltheway hasn't been around on this site have they. i thoght he went down with the huddle

don't buy the story of saskargo having an epiphany, and going from one alter ego to another. It is a fine case of multiple personality disprder.

Als All The Way is here, he posts weekly in my pool

Well, saskargo, I look forward to having intelligent sparring conversations with you. Goodbye with the old, hello with the new? Been watching too much Dr. Phil? I kid :smiley: Here's to the 'new' you!

Saskargo, I must confess, I will miss your sharp tongue. Every now and then you cross the line, but overall, I tune into a lot of your posts just to see who you were antagonizing.

Did Turkeybends song touch a chord with you? Did the baby in the Green Riders jersey warm your heart? Just askin!

Well Saskargo, since I am a big believer in second chances (and a big fan of flattering comments directed towards me), let me say I look forward to future disussions with you. I hope you don't change too much though. A little controversy always adds a little spice.

My problem with this is it leaves me without an enemy on the board (at least that I am aware of). Since I find that animosity enhances the overall sports experience, I think I will truly miss that aspect of Saskargo. So, anyone wishing to fill the void, all you have to do is publicly insult or berate me. This is not a paid position, only serious individuals need apply.

......(RedandWhite slides the sleeves of his yellow Buddhist robes up to his elbows, waves each hand in the air in a circular motion a couple of times before pointing at AATW and says)........I berate thee.........

Saskargo, I love reading your posts. I guess I like them cause I'm not a Riders fan.

2 Years? LMAO . I guess if your posts were intelligent I would be amused.
One Clue is your either too lazy to correct your spelling or you cant.
Either way I am glad you took the yellow Brick Road to Alberta.
As for turning a new leaf? I'll believe it when I see it, you need to give respect to earn it ....... and baybeee!!! you aint earned mine.

Am I over reacting?....maybe, SO prove me wrong.

SASKARGO DUPES THE FORUM AGAIN, same old...same old... (I wish you thought I had a point of view? OH but I don't, I forgot) :lol:

Remember this topic? Yah that lasted long.

There is much crap you can take from you rider fans.Hey it has been a month.
If you think I'm the only on bashing you guys.I have to say,I have toned it down a bit.!!!

I could actually care less about you bashing rider fans, I'm kind of use to it now from many other posters. I just thought this topic was kind of funny.

3-6 record.Now that is funny!!!
You got that rider pride!!!!