Andy's not coming back just yet.....

So far so good for Mr. Fantuz. Maybe he's PR material for now? Who knows.

Yeah, I still don't think he will be back this year. I half hope he is, but obviously still wish him the best in reaching his dream of playing in the NFL. I just hope that if he sticks to the NFL it is not only ever a PR spot!

he'll be back.

just cause me made the cut to 75 means nothing! it's just likely cause he's a receiver so they're going to wait till the 4th game to decide because they're being extra careful.

did they not also have a TE go down this week (the bears)

The next cutdown is back to 53 players, another 22 guys. I'm having trouble seeing how he will make the 53-man roster, so if he stays, it surely would have to be the PR, in Chicago or some other NFL team. While I wish the guy the best in everything he does, I still think he is better suited to the CFL game with the waggle and bigger field. He is 27 years old and he had the misfortune to run into the lockout thing, which delayed his progress down there. Up here he can make pretty good money and be a star. Sitting down there on a PR is just a major waste of his incredible talent.

I cant see how he is PR material? Usually those guys are paid to copy opposing team players. How many slow WR are there in the league? You want speedy guys on the PR.

Andy had 1 catch for 13 yards last night in the Bears win over the Titans. I don't know how much playing time he had but it shows they still think he is worthy of getting a pass thrown his way. Enough to keep him around?

The Bears played the Browns last night, no the Titans. For the most part this preseason Andy has played on special teams and and as far as I can tell he hasn't made a tackle. Two catches and zero tackles probably isn't going to be good enough to keep him around unless they want him on the practice roster for fresh legs in practice during the week.

Glancing at the replay of his catch (it was a quick glance, so I may be off on this), it looked like it was x and 15, and Andy caught the ball 12 yards deep and went out for 13, untouched. IMO, if he wanted to make a statement he needed to pivot on his left foot, make the cut, take a hit and go for the extra 1st down. It was unimpressive to see him tiptoe out of bounds on that play...he had room to make something happen.