Andy wants how much?

So reports out are that Andy's agents are requexting 300 000 per season. Now I know you ask high and negotiate, but that is rediculous. I felt the anticipated 220-240 was too high for a wr in the CFL, but realize that somebody would pay it, so the Riders would have to step up to that. I would rather those extra funds go towards Freeman. There are a couple REALLY good CIS prospects this year that could be brought in, or Hill becomes a fixture. You pay Andy QB money and the team can not sign a de or Freeman...

Andy also should remember that wearing a Rider uniform and being a star here opens doors that it simply will not in other cities. Political opportunities, realestate, job offers, advertizing, etc. Maybe someone will step up and give him a "deal" on a house...haha

At any rate, I don't see anyone touching that salary

Do you have a link or something? That is high...

This from a guy who played a very instrumental role in the Riders 2010 Grey cup loss with that brutal, blatant, offside on the Riders 2nd last offensive play of the game where Durant had run for about 13 yards and was in game tying field goal range, and then called out the co-ordinator in a very public way (even though he was correct). Who has been hurt way more than he has played the last couple years, who was dropping routine catches in his few minutes played last season, and who would have a tough time outrunning Gainer in a 40 yarder. No thanks. 150 -175 tops. If that's not enough for him then see ya later. Also the 150 would have to be incentive laden, as he just strikes me as one who would go in the tank once he's been looked after in the bank.

So reports out are that Andy's agents are requexting 300 000 per season.
Andy will not receive anywhere near that figure. And if he does, the team will just profligate unrelenting harm to itself in other areas.

that type of dough is reserved for marquee/starting QB's. period.

heck, Arland Bruce made a shade under $200,000 during some of his best seasons in the CFL the past 3 years.
(and I believe he also took a pay cut from that figure after being traded to BC)

What's your source on that? I have a hard time believing an import receiver would be paid that much.

I've read at least one article or two (just after the trade to BC) stating Bruce was making $190,000 per and that he agreed to take a pay cut with the Leos. (although it didn't mention the pay cut figure)

I'll try to dig up the article later today.

This is code for "I'm going to try the NFL unless you blow me off my feet". There's no gm, not even Taman, crazy enough to offer him that. I wouldn't give Fantuz any more than 150 000 per year. This guy is totally over-rated. He's not a top 5 receiver and he's had ONE 1000 yard season.

This is code for "I'm going to try the NFL unless you blow me off my feet".
Didn't he try to crack the NFL twice already? :?

If Andy hasn't made it by now, odds are against him, although good luck.

i've read that aswell.

This year was the only time he made it to a NFL TC as far as I know. I think he expressed interest before but wasn't signed.

If we wants to go rot on an NFL Practice Roster because he didn't get his unrealistic $300 000 by all means he can do it. :roll: It sucks cause he's my favorite player and I have his jersey but you know what if signing him to that kind of deal means we can't sign/re-sign a key DE/DT or a CB/DB or sign a big enough deal to keep Durant long term, I don't want him on the Riders, we have Dressler, Hill, Koch and Bagg will be back, would he be missed? Definatly. Would we move past it. Definatly.


In and around that amount of salary I would say.

[url=] ... ching-deal[/url]

REGINA -- The Saskatchewan Roughriders’ pursuit of Kent Austin has to be considered a long-shot.

In light of the odds, what is the most realistic scenario for the Roughriders as they once again attempt to fill a head-coaching vacancy? Rogers Sportsnet’s Arash Madani has reported that if Dave Dickenson is hired as head coach, his staff could also include incumbents Richie Hall (defensive coordinator) and Craig Dickenson (special-teams coordinator).

Hall and the Dickenson brothers have all been interviewed for the head-coaching job by general manager Brendan Taman. If Taman were to select Dave Dickenson as the field boss, the Roughriders’ staff could include three head-coaching candidates. Something to ponder.

Hall has a year remaining on his contract, by the way.

Back to Austin (of course!) for a moment. Some readers have wondered whether it would be prudent to pay him upwards of $500,000 per annum, as would likely be required to lure him away from Cornell University and the bright lights of Ithaca, N.Y. The price tag would be steep, but remember that the Roughriders are also paying Greg Marshall $220,000 NOT to coach for each of the next two seasons.

With that in mind, the notion of bestowing riches upon Austin does not seem so outlandish.

Taman’s signing of middle linebacker Maurice Lloyd could prove to be an inspired move. Although Lloyd was out of football last season, he will only be 29 and full of incentive when the 2012 CFL campaign commences.

Lloyd is hardly antiquated, especially when you consider that 2011 Roughriders recruit Chris Graham — who will be first on the depth chart at middle linebacker when training camp begins — turns 28 on Sept. 30.

There is speculation that Roughriders slotback Andy Fantuz, who is eligible to become a free agent on Feb. 15, may be seeking a deal in the $300,000 range.

Fantuz’s market value is much closer to $200,000 per annum. Fantuz is not nearly as accomplished as B.C. Lions slotback Geroy Simon — a surefire Hall of Famer who makes around $200,000.

Winnipeg Blue Bombers legend Milt Stegall topped out at about $180,000. Fantuz stands to make more than that because of his considerable talent and his non-import status, but not $100,000 more.

The Roughriders are in need of a quarterbacks coach. How about Jamie Barresi? Barresi, who was recently fired as the Blue Bombers’ offensive coordinator, was Saskatchewan’s quarterbacks coach in 2009 when Darian Durant enjoyed a breakout season.

.....300,000 BIG ONES :lol: :lol: :lol: ...Fantuz fantasy......When he comes back down to earth someone will talk serious with him....The guy is a damned good receiver and a canuck as well BUT I doubt anyone in this league will cough-up that kind of coin for him.....Dream on Andy :lol:

I have seen better articles on receiver salaries, and saw one a few days ago that said Simon was making slightly more than 200K a year, and was the highest paid CFL WR of all time.

Wish I had the same link, but of course I can not stumble upon it now...sorry...

As for links to Andy saying that he wants 300K, google it, there are piles of credible sources.

Do I think 300K is realistic...heck no, I thought 220 was pushing it (220 - 240 was what many analysts felt his new contract would be). I would rather dump him and take that 300K and put 180 towards a replacement (maybe talk JC into another year and sign a new CIS guy...there are a few good ones to draft this year), then take the 120K extra and put 60K extra into a DE, and 60K extra into a center who can snap and block on the same play.

Not saying it is realistic, just reporting that is what he asked for.

Also, word is that Mcnabb has been approched by the Argos. Perhaps they would throw 5-600K at him, and be willing to break the bank at 27-280 for Andy for 1 season to try to win the 100th at home.

If I had to chose between Fantuz and Dressler it would be not choice. But again no once asked me. Fantuz might have gotten screwed by the lock out but still no one bit on the waiver. What kind of contract does this guy have to be able to head South every year?

What are you talking about? Fantuz has only been to one NFL TC. He's expressed interest in trying the NFL in the past but was never signed by an NFL team until the Bears.

Argo's throwing 5-600K at McNab...C'mon!! he made 5 mill this year,as if he'd even blink or even turn his head towards 600K!

if McNabb wants to continue playing football and nobody else wants to hire him, he might not care really.

Link please. I've seen the usual idiot (ie Lefko) speculating on McNabb coming to the CFL but that would be absolutely stupid. There's no way a 35 year old QB with no experience in the CFL would be successful. Barker got bit on the butt with Lemon - no way he does that again with McNabb. And no way Milanovich would go for bringing in McNabb either IMO.