Andy want how much?

How can you possibly say that. He stays onside, Durant ran for about 15 on the play and WAS IN FIELD GOAl range for the tie. Instead Take the 15 away, plus another 5 or 10 for the penalty and that 1 play never had a bearing on the outcome?????

I guess you didn't see his head shaking after a few plays where he was obviously taking aim directly at Durant, throughout the game, commentators even mentioning it.
But go ahead, give him his 250,000 or whatever you think he's worth, but I can pretty much guarantee that that will come out to about 4,000 per catch, and won't be a good thing in the locker room IMO.
Anyway, Merry Christmas and all the best in 2012. I'm sure we will agree to disagree a few more times then. :lol:

Yeah, they could have got a FG, but the point is that they never should have been in the possition to need it. They had control at half, and punted what...nine times in a row? something like 7 or 8 were 2 and outs. DD, had a bad second half, and yeah, Andy was probably shaking his head out of frustration when the target is missed by 8 yards...that is a natural reaction for anyone. The O had horrid play calling and rbad execution. Montreal was not even looking to stop the run, because the Riders were not running. The Riders had a lead, and were keeping the Als out of scoring...the Riders should have been running the ball more than passing...they ran maybe 1 out of 10 plays. You want to start saying stuff like Andy's offside cost the win...then that is why I say where is a comment on Getz's drops...the point is there was a pile of broken plays/missed opportunities from the Riders in that game, so you can not pick on any 1 play...there were a dozen...all could have provided a different outcome...Getz squeezing one or 2 of those balls, Berry not calling the same run 2 times in a row when he had success with it the previous play, throwing a screen when DD struggled with passes to his left flat all day, etc etc etc.

I can't argue that Andy is worth 250K...I have always said to the contrary if you look. Is he worth 200...yeah, I would pay that to retain him even though I believe he sould be getting 170-180...being a NI I would pay would have to really think about it, and w/o knowing the salaries of every player on the roster I can not make that judgement, though I might sign him and then trade him at 220. I would give Freeman 220 before I gave it to Andy...I have openly always said that...all I am saying is pinning the GC loss on him becuse of 1 offside is not fair at all. Just like I said pinning the too many men on Kavis was BS (same thing...shouldn't have come down to that FG...the Riders were in total control at half and failed to adjust at all, and players need to know their assignments by 2 pre-season games, 18 regular season games, and playoffs...the umbilical cord needs cut at some point)

I agree with the comments about worth 180"ish", prob take him at 200k tops. Otherwise trade him prior to free agency for a bag of footballs and see if we can entice Freeman with some extra $$, and strengthen the o-line. As Vanstone wrote, there is life after Fantuz and I think the ingredients might already be on the roster, especially if Bagg comes back healthy and achieves his potential.

Minor correction to my last...entice Freeman with some extra $$, and get a Rush End(s)...

The one thing I always wonder when in this forum is how many players and staff pop into them now and then. You know it happens, it is just a matter of how much and by whom. One must wonder what Andy would think about a forum such as this. His video indicated that he had been doing some online reading...perhaps this or another forum, perhaps fan mail as we know he gets some and he does read it and responds to great deal of it. The one thing that I always hope that he or others would take away from a forum such as this or tsn or riderfans or 13thman or wherever they might happen to read is that the fans in the forums get so heated because we are is not resentment or is fans caring maybe too much about their team and players like Andy that are in the mix.

Had a hankering to post I will drink some coffee and lounge on the couch...maybe look for some mad boxing day sales online (tisk tisk CFL...coming out with new jersies for the upcoming season, but not releasing them for Chrismas shopppers...shakes head in disapproval)

I've wondered this myself, I feel and believe either some may or friends of players do and you are right about the passionate/care Quote: IMO we all want our teams to do well, thus write/mention ways (that) in essense has nothing to do with/about resentment.

This makes you wonder if this deal would be eaiser if the CFL incorporated a "franchise tag" A franchise tag is a 1 year deal "I think" and that player then makes the average salary of the top 5 players in their position. ?

they can't do that. this is what got them into trouble financially back in the 80's/90's.

all this franchise player BS.

I don't think saskfan23 means it in the same sense you are thinking (and yeah, it did hurt the CFL hard). The franchise BS of yesteryears was a designation that could be given to 1 player who did not count towards the cap. Rocket was one of said players, and the rest of the teams paid that 1M salary. I don't know exactly what RF23 has in mind by averaging the top 5 pier players (essentially) and giving that wage to said player, because they would a) still need to agree to the contract, and b) need to accept the average, and not the top wage. Interesting principle, but not sure how you would do this and still tag it with the Franchise Player monarcher.

I'm a little rusty on the details of how it all plays out, I do know that the said player has to sign the franchise tag. This is done in the NFL.

An "exclusive" franchise player must be offered a one-year contract for an amount no less than the average of the top five salaries at the player's position as of a date in April of the current year in which the tag will apply, or 120 percent of the player's previous year's salary, whichever is greater. Exclusive franchise players cannot negotiate with other teams.

A "non-exclusive" franchise player must be offered a one-year contract for an amount no less than the average of the top five salaries at the player's position in the previous year, or 120 percent of the player's previous year's salary, whichever is greater. A non-exclusive franchise player may negotiate with other NFL teams, but if he signs an offer sheet from another team, the original team has a right to match the terms of that offer, or if it does not match the offer and thus loses the player, is entitled to receive two first-round draft picks as compensation.


The Jacksonville Jaguars have auditioned 13 players, according to a leauge source with knowledge of the situation.

That included several players from the Canadian Football League, including wide receiver Andy Fantuz.

Fantuz was with the Chicago Bears during the preseason.

They also tried out CFL linebacker Solomon Elimimian, offensive lineman Jovan Olafioye and linebacker Jerrell Freeman.

[url=] ... 5000&fhn=1[/url]

odd that they can even have tryouts seeing as they are not technically free agents yet. Also odd the the NFL would allow this prior to the end of the season. But yeah, obviously if he gets a call from the NFL he is going to give it a go...can't fault a guy for wanting to make 10x as much.

I say that if that is the case we have to cut our ties and go forward. None of this waiting half the year in the hopes Andy will be back. We have an extremely talented receiving corps even without Andy - besides what we would have had to pay him in salary will snag a pretty good FA with change to spare.

I would be shocked that if he is not signed by about three days into fa that ties were not cut. If he doesnt sign by then he likely wont and you can not sit with that kind of salary vacancy for long in the cfl, so funds to resign him for his wanted salary will be a steep hill for any team by March. The only reason the club realisticly got him back last season was the option. Cant blame him for wanting to go nfl, just like you say...riders also cant hold slim hopes of Andy returning. I didnt think Andy would get looks from down south this year...if he has had a workout, i would say he is likely in this time around...he has better managment for a reason.

[url=] ... story.html[/url]

I think Andy isn't worth all this big money he wants. Yes, ok, he led the league two years ago....What have you done for me lately Andy? All you've done is sit on the fence and say all the right things to the media. If the Riders are throwing all this money at him, why on earth woudn't he take it? He must know, deep down, that his NFL dreams are more or less toast. He says that his family being in ontario has no bearing on where he will sign, his best buddy is DD....Andy, what are you waiting for? I agree that his days in Riderville are all but over. Too bad, but such is the business.

Looking back you think the guy would recognize the players who have left Sask for one reason or another only to throw away there career because of it , Fred Perry, Mo Lloyd (hopefully reserected), Kitwana Jones, Kerry Joseph (probably biggest shrine to bust ive ever seen) Stevie Baggs (controversial but haven't heard his name being called nearly as much as it was in Sask) Ray Williams (dominant player but again not nearly as big as impact as when he was with the green and white) Omarr Morgan (didn't exactly toss career away but did miss out on chance for his only Grey Cup ring) looking at this you'd think the guy (Andy) would be thinking to himself to sign a contract keeping him here I mean the one exception is Burris who out of the listed is he only player to have won a Grey cup with another team please if I missed one list them but seriously anybody else remember the time when Lloyd, Jones and Perry were one of the most dominant line backing cores in CFL? Look where they are now....

McKenzie(sp) also left for more money and won a GC this year, I'm sure there have been lots of important people to the Riders to leave and do good. I mean all the power to him if he makes more money somewhere else, I honestly don't believe the Riders should break the bank to bring him back, because that will affect the whole team.

Jamal Richardson seemed to run away from the riders as fast as he could. And, I can't remember if Paul McCallum left through FA or was released or what. Both of those guys seemed to flourish when they left (kinda ticks me off). But, I've been thinking the same way that if Fantuz signs with anopther team, it might actually hurt his carreer. I hope not. I reallty like him and hope he succeeds wherever (just not against us OK?).

Good points all around and I guess it works both ways the guys that have come to the Riders with much hype ie Bishop went from an 11-1 as a starter to an emergency back up, Jason Clermont not counting the West Semi in 2010 did his career no favors by coming here, he was a #1 reciever in BC or close to it, don't get me wrong he is a great player but he flourished alot more in BC than here, all in all I don't want to break the bank for Fantuz but if we resign him only for him to jump on another NFL Practice Roster, then I hope we dont