Andy want how much?

Maybe with Ricky Ray passing to him.

Hard to miss a guy with unrealistic demands.

He’s big ,but there’s smaller guys playing way more physical than Tuz. Perhaps that’s because he doesn’t do the weights thing.

I won’t miss that one handed ‘pawing’ thing he does with the ball after a reception, either……

Anyways, good luck Andy. See how much TO likes Fantuz Flakes

I would like to see Andy stay, he is a tough NI to replace, but lets face it...he would never get 220 even if he was from the US. Perhaps they will load him up with incentives.

what we need more than anything is a good quarterback.To bad we missed out on ray,at least we would have had a smart quarterback instead of the dumb one we have now

we have a verry good QB already, what we need is a good coaching staff to properly handel our offence, ( last year no QB coach, and no OC for the last half of the season = disaster ) and O-line to give our QB time to make his reads ,time for the recievers to run their routes and open holes for our RB when needed, and then everyone looks good.

:lol: protect your QB at all costs and put the fear of god in theirs :twisted:

Holy Moly Batman and Robin, there are not conspiracies at every turn..Fantuz is a quality receiver worth keeping. Taman is a cheap guy who has periodic flashes of genius about talent and other times...well, I have expressed my feelings before of what I think of him....Fortunately, the league has a number of very good receivers around so if we lose him, the team will survive.
The team is about to have a personality make over. Fantuz may not even fit into that new personality. I know Fantuz will be offered what he's worth on the market if he's a fit. If he insists on more,he gone..en of story.
We already have close to enough talent on offence to go all the way...except running back and O-line tweeks. Frankly, I would sooner the team let Fantuz go an they spend more dollars for a great O Coordinator and Quarterback coach.

Cliff...letting Andy go does not effect the money they can spend on coaches...not part of the cap.

Andy is a great receiver, and opens up other guys. The Riders apparently offered him a contract that would make him the top paid non QB in the CFL. I don't know what he honestly expects or if he is just biding his time to see if he gets NFL offers, but if I am an NFL GM, and I was flirting with making him an offer, these crazy demands would worry me. If he said he wants to see if he gets an NFL bite...great...this is a bad tactic if it is what he is legitimately trying to do. Sorry, 1 - 1000 yard season does not equate to 300k a year in the CFL. if any team pays it it will be a big blow the the league. I would suspect TO was a potential destination for him, but with 500 into Ray, this would mean 1/6th of your cap into 2 players. How do you feel Fred Stamps would feel about that?

I just watched Moneyball (great show) I can't help but feel We need to apply the same approach with Andy

His stats and the number of games he dressed for , do not add up to a contract over 200g

Let Andy and his potentially ridicules contract set a terrible precedence on another team

Re: Andy wants how much?
by Taleback » Thu Dec 08, 2011 8:55 am

This from a guy who played a very instrumental role in the Riders 2010 Grey cup loss with that brutal, blatant, offside on the Riders 2nd last offensive play of the game where Durant had run for about 13 yards and was in game tying field goal range, and then called out the co-ordinator in a very public way (even though he was correct). Who has been hurt way more than he has played the last couple years, who was dropping routine catches in his few minutes played last season, and who would have a tough time outrunning Gainer in a 40 yarder. No thanks. 150 -175 tops. If that's not enough for him then see ya later. Also the 150 would have to be incentive laden, as he just strikes me as one who would go in the tank once he's been looked after in the bank.Taleback

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I'm still sticking by this. When I read that they offered him to be the highest paid non Q.B. in the league, it's like WTF you thinking Taman. No wonder you have so many opponents to you being G.M.

I am all for the incentive contract, but its gotta be tough to do that with such a tight cap. Clearly the Riders flirt with cap each year for one reason or another, and adding a potential 40 or 50k to that could put them in tier 2.

I am against paying so much because if they are fortunate enough to re-sign Freeman it is going to have a ~200k tag, and he is definitely worth it. They can potentially pick up a replacement in this years draft...
Besides OL Ben Heenan (U of S) hopefully going #1 to the Riders they have potential of picking up for their 2nd pic (year, there are others one might want more, but one of these guys will actually still be available): WR Simon Charbonneau-Campeau (Sherbrooke), DB Bryce McCall (U of S), WR Ismaël Bamba (Sherbrooke)...Simon Charbonneau-Campeau would be a nice pickup.

The Riders pick 1st overall, and hopefully Heenan. There are 9 teams drafting in the first round with the expansion draft to Ottawa picking 9th, but the Bombers forfeited theirs when they picked up Poblah in the supplemental, so there are actually only 8. I believe the Riders have 1st pick in the second round, so could potentially pick up one of the above guys. I would love to see them trade up to pick up Simon Charbonneau-Campeau, if I were GM I would consider trying to make a move with Andy to do to a team like Hamilton or TO, and say look, if you are willing to pay the ~300K to sign him we will let you talk to him now. If you come to terms we want to trade our second (or heck maybe even 3rd) round pick and the rights to Andy so you can sign him before FA season.

oh, and here is a nice page I found that has young guys dying for a shot in the CFL:

[url=] ... egoryid=19[/url]

Now you sign Hill to an extension and put him in Andy's slot, and put your new guy in the rotation...perhaps he can start mid season or 2013. Hill gets what, tops 140k with an extension...probably more like 120 (and probably makes 80 now), if you take that extra 250K (andy's 300K - 140k to Hill but Hill makes say 90 already so it is actually only 50) and throw 80 extra at Freeman, 10-20 to JC and ask him to play 1-2 more years (the temptation of trying to win one at home in 2013 has to be there). That leaves ~150K extra to go after a FA like LB Pottinger (cough cough...replacement for Simpson, and lets not forget that Simpson's salary savings would for the most part pay Pottinger's), DE Hickman, DB Ian Logan.

Oh, and with Chamblin in town, I have to think picking up Hickman could be a reality. Imagine Hickman and a healthy Hawkins on the ends, Shologan a Romero up the gut, and you still have Willis, George and Veikune in the mix to rotate in fresh guys...might actually want to trade one of them to get up in the CIS draft! That would be a solid DL

[url=] ... l3iY6u58bI[/url]

Andy talking about some of the rumours and such. Showing off the guns for the ladies.

Thanks for that post. Here is another one:

[url=] ... z1h6Z86KZ8[/url]

"Roughriders general manager Brendan Taman confirmed the sides have spoken but declined to comment further.

“We made offers to both his past agent and now his current agent,? Taman said. “We were told he was waiting for the hiring of a new coach.

“They have never countered or commented on the offers.?"

I am left wondering how these rumors got started. If memory serves correctly Tanam stated publicly that they had offered him a contract that would make him the highest paid WR in CFL history, and they declined (or maybe just didn't give an answer). I do not recall Tanam putting a number on it, but it was all over the radio and online. Interesting anyways.

So on the radio today they said Tanam made a reply to Andy's video release. He said that it is his belief that Andy wants to play free agency, and that their are some really good potential free agents this year. He said that if Andy is not willing to sign on to the great contract that has been offered that they will not wait too long into free agency, and put that money towards other guys.

Basically he said...hey, we have made a great offer that others would jump at, and we are not going to risk missing signing other guys while you shop

Can't say I disagree with Taman.

Sounds to me like a guy that knows a guy, who knows a guy, who knows Tillmans' babysitters family, has somehow let Fantuz know that there may be a better offer forthcomming after free agency.

Yeah, I agreed with what Tanam said as well. I am glad he showed some spine on this and essentially said we can not afford to wait for him to play the market, we need to attack the FA market and sign guys asap...his contract is on the table, so if it is not signed by Feb 15 we have to speak with other FAs who can fill holes on the squad.

As far as the whole knowing a guy who knows.... well, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that Andy will have multiple offers on the table in free agency. However, when you are with a club that has treated you well over the years, in a community that has embraced you, and you are offered record money to re-sign, the situation should call for a signature. Now maybe Andy wants to get closer to home, but he has always openly said that it was not a factor in deciding where he plays. And maybe Andy wants to see who comes on as coaches, and that I can totally understand. However, if andy was offered say 220k (for argument sake) and he ends up getting 225 or 230 by going into FA...well, I view that as just wrong. I hope he was serious about going back to the table once coaching was in place...he has a good offer available, so if he does not sign he is saying either that the new staff is not to his satisfaction, or his video was lip service. I like Andy, and he seems like a great guy. DD and him have a good connection, and the community has embraced him to an extreme...hope that all continues

oh, and here is a really good read from Vanstone on it all:

[url=] ... story.html[/url]

If they give him anything close to that, It would be another of Tamans' boneheaded decisions IMO. Use that money to build a defence, not on some 'flake' that drops as many as he catches, and can't stay onside on the biggest play of the year, and then calls out everyone else but himself after he single handidly cost at least a chance at overtime in the Grey Cup.

this is a bit of a rediculous comment IMO. Drops as many as he catches? Yeah...he dropped 2 or so when re-integrating with the O last season, and went through a bad streak in 07, but beyond that has been top notch.

One play in the GC did not loose that game...they played and called a horrid game the whole way through, so trying to say coulda shoulda woulda on one play is a bit silly. There are often games that a big part of the outcome comes down to one or 2 plays, but that game was NOT one of them. The Riders deserved to not win, and so it was. They failed on almost every offensive aspect, especially in the second half. If anything Chris Getzlaff dropped at least 3, one of them wass on 2nd and long when he was wide open over the middle and the Riders had been building momentum...right in the chest and no defender inside 7 yards of coverage.

As for him calling "everyone" out...the only person I recalled him calling out were those calling the offensive coordination, and I would think that 90% or better of the people watching that game, Rider fan or not, would have to agree with him. Should have he done it...perhaps no, but he was still correct.