Andy want how much?

So reports out are that Andy's agents are requexting 300 000 per season. Now I know you ask high and negotiate, but that is rediculous. I felt the anticipated 220-240 was too high for a wr in the CFL, but realize that somebody would pay it, so the Riders would have to step up to that. I would rather those extra funds go towards Freeman. There are a couple REALLY good CIS prospects this year that could be brought in, or Hill becomes a fixture. You pay Andy QB money and the team can not sign a de or Freeman...

Andy also should remember that wearing a Rider uniform and being a star here opens doors that it simply will not in other cities. Political opportunities, realestate, job offers, advertizing, etc. Maybe someone will step up and give him a "deal" on a house...haha

At any rate, I don't see anyone touching that salary.

If those numbers are indeed factual - I don't know who would pay him that much as everything is based on 2009 stats. Last year was a wasted season for him in the NFL and with the Riders. I agree that the Riders have many options at receiver and do not need to spend 250-300K for one position player where we have many viable options and need to spend the money to fill the holes that were so obvious during the disappointing 2010 season.

I agree, but I do think its coffee time cuz your years are out...unless I need a coffee


They need a coffee drinking emoticon

:oops: 2009=2010 and 2010=2011. Holy crap is it already going to 2012?

ha..yeah...stupid festive season.

Also, for a guy who dropped a couple balls then sat out 6 games or whatever...hmm...I would have liked to have seen if his heart was still in it pst NFL tryout.

Perhaps they should sign him and trade him for draft picks or something.

furthermore...what is the highest a receiver in the CFL has ever made?
Looks like Geroy a couple years back at a shade over 200K:

Has Andy earned that 50% more than Geroy was worth in 2010? I think not.

Watch....edm will do it. They have their dirty little ways of "Finding him employment" on the side. Like doing autograph sessions for sponsor companies that will pay him huge.

More than having his own food company? :lol: :lol:

Tillman won't pay a Canadian Receiver anything CLOSE to $300,000.

if Andy goes to Edmonton, it'll be for a 1/3 of that. because there's no way that Fantuz deserves to earn more than what Fred Stamps currently earns.

Fantuz's reality has been distorted since trying out the NFL, his brain got smashed.

now he thinks he's hot stuff.

I don't want him, definitely not for $300,000

Really when you think about it, Fantuz should be happy with whatever he is offered. He doesnt have a realistic shot at the NFL anymore; he is one year older than he was last season. He isnt any better than most of the recievers coming out of college. Any GM with half a brain isnt going to break the bank on a reciever who is injury proned and isnt even the best reciever in the league. The Riders would be better off going shopping for talent south of the boarder and bringing in two pretty good recievers than breaking the bank on Fantuz.

absolutely, we've seen the last of Fantuz in a Riders Jersey.

is 300,000 what Andy wants ???
you would be better of taking that money and getting yourself a verry good O line that can give your QB and recievers a lot of time to get open and and open holes for the running backs and then everybody looks good.

:lol: protect your QB at all costs and put the fear of god in theirs :twisted:

If he is seriously asking for $300k, then he is being greedy and is also shooting himself in the foot. That kind of money almost guarantees that the rest of the team will be of lower quality because of SMS issues. It would be a How To course on guaranteeing that he never plays for a championship again.

If the $300k number is accurate, I would hope it is just a negotiating ploy, and one started by his agent, not by him. I've never met the man, but what I have heard about him does not point to a narcissist or a massive egomaniac, so I would expect his actual salary demands will be more realistic in the end.

Yes, 300k is an accurate number for what he asked for. I am guessing this outlandish request explains why he picked up new representation a couple weeks back...his old agents tried bringing him to reality and someone else promised him what he wanted to hear.

And as far as it being purely negotiation tactics, I don't think so, because most felt a 220k tag was coming

Didn't say Edm would pay him the whole amount, what I'm saying is they will pay him say, for arguments sake, 200K and off the record they'll(Esks) have their buddy, who maybe ownes Ledcor or good ol Bruce Saville, to hire him for appearances etc etc for the remainder of what he's looking to earn.

if I remember correctly, doesn't that count as salary? that there cannot be any "under the table" deals anymore, like the esks are famous for in the past.

Well techniquely yes, but good luck trieing to prove it. There is no way the league has any rite to see his tax returns and notice of assessments, so how would they ever prove anything like that?

If he can make 300K elsewhere, goodbye and good luck. For a lot less coin than that we may be to find a free agent NI receiver and/or draft one or two of them next year.

Riders made the mistake of not trading Fantuz when he refused to re-sign with the team. Get something for him, draft pics, starting non-import. Now we'll get squat.

big "rumor" is he will end up in an Argo jersey with Mcnab passing to him next season