Andy should have pulled an Owens and Stayed.

so what about the Roughriders and Fantuz, made him do the obvious and take the money over traditon.

Owens, he decided to turn down the big money from the Jets because he is in a family environment.

so come on Andy? you're looking pretty shallow here.

you could have taken the high road and stay with us..

Why should he have done what Owens did and stayed?

congratulations to both Andy and Chad for doing in what they believed that was in the best intrests for their football careers.

I guess sitting on the sidelines as a Practice Roster player for your NFL career is satisfying..

well that is your guess…
he, I’m sure, has another impression.
So you believe he should have stayed because he wont make it.
Fair enough , but what does Owens decision have to do with it?
and what does being a Canadian have to do with it?

Did you think that maybe he has a confidence in himself that he can go in there and make enough plays to make the team outright. All the guy has ever done is be the best. Hec Crighton Trophy Winner, one of only 2 receivers to win the award in the last 30 or so years. (points for who can name the other without googling). Finished his career at Western as the CIS receptions, yards and td catches leader. Was bypassed by two teams for some reason in the Draft(I just looked at the list of that first round, it was pretty top notch, but I think all would now have Andy over the other guys). Wins the Grey Cup in his second year taking claim to top Canadian of the game. After two injury shortened years he ends the 2009 year getting the riders to the Grey Cup and then claiming Top Canadian as well as Receiving leader in 2010. The guy is quite confident in his skills and quite frankly he deserves to be.
I'm not saying he is going to make the Bears or isn't, I'm just saying that the guy deserves the benefit of the doubt from us that he is going to make it. It is negative drivel and Andy deserves better.

I believe Andy will be a starter for the Bears. I would be a case of beer on him getting regular action.

If Martz remains the OC for the Bears next season,
then I suppose there's a remote chance that he utilizes Fantuz
in a way similar to Kevin Curtis when he was with the Rams.

Regardless... I still wouldn't expect this to get much attention in Chicago:

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What are you talking about? Like many football players, their ultimate goal is to play in the NFL. What is wrong with that? Wouldn't you consider changing companies to achieve a goal you've had since you were young? Don't slam someone because they have a dream and have a chance to fulfill it.

That's just it; I don't see much appeal in the NFL myself but you gotta remember that the guy grew up in Southern Ontario where there is a real competition for attention from the NFL and more than a few folks who (sadly) feel that the NFL is the creme-de-la-creme of football. It might be hard for us to imagine, but there's a very real chance that Andy Fantuz saw the Roughriders only as a stepping stone in his career, always wanted to play in the NFL, and might have only tolerated Saskatchewan when compared to the ideal of playing closer to his family/friends in Toronto/Hamilton. Perhaps we'll never know what his priorities were/are, but the fact that he's done this well for himself deserves accolades, not grief.

We still have a strong team, with the best fans in the league and representing (imho) the best province in Confederation!

the whole reason for the NFL dream is to make the big bucks.

that's why most of them go is for the money.

I seriously, SERIOUSLY doubt that if the CFL and NFL were on even terms as far as pay out.. that Andy in is youth would have been begging to play in the NFL... because he's going to soon find out that the CFL is truly the better league but it's overshadowed by the Hype, the Money and the politics.

he'll be back very soon.

Yep, it is true that that is the reason cfl players want to get there. There was a time when players came to Canada because the CFL teams paid more. My question back is: and what's wrong with that? Let 'em. Do you blame George Reed for coming to Sask because sask paid better? It's like any big decision in life - there are risks. If they are willing to take the risk that they may not make the payday, who are you or I to say they should not. Time will tell if it pays off.

yea, excellent point!

Reed could have gone to the NFL but he stayed with Regina for The Money!..

odd how times change..

who is going to turn down the vastly higher paycheck. He knows the CFL is always an option. Owens likely got minimal contract offers, and likely no signing bonus offer. He is small even by CFL standards