Andy Petek?

Who was this guy? somebody remind me

Boxer who tried out as a DE/LB back in 2004 if memory serves.

ask mikey. he's AP's biggest fan...

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He came to TC in the spring of 05...made the PR

I dont recall him being kept on the PR... i thought he was released with the first set of cuts that year.

No, he made the team...spent some time on the PR and started one game at Defensive End. Was put back on the PR and was then released.

How could anyone forget?
Was cut first then asked back, played in one game put on PR then released....ah the memories.

Must have been a contract dispute... i remember him being touted as the "next Joe Montford"

It never ceases to amaze me how some people relish in the fact that a man did not have the ability to make a team, but would belittle him for trying. :thdn:

When was the last time you at least played a game in the CFL???

Don't get me wrong...I'm not crying for Petek, I simply respect the guy for what he has accomplished and I get a kick out of you guys who have so much to say about the guy...but I'm sure you wouldn't say it to his face! :roll:

Petek is probably back home earning a living somehow! It happens! :wink:

On the subject of belittling players would you say half the things you say about Maas to his face, woody?

No problem...never belittled him once! by the way...I've chatted with him many times...including after our last home game! Nice guy! :thup:

By the way Zontar....why would you try to single me out on that comment?

Feeling a little quilty?

Cut the need to Hyjack another thread! :thdn:

Good boxer I understand....

I have no doubt you you made happy talk with Maas if you said the things you posted you'd get your lights knocked out.

I was referring to things you posted, nice and safe in here. Such as when you questioned his heart and desire to play in this city, when you doubted his very ability to be starter, questioned whether he was really hurt or not. When you mocked him when he was called a "gunslinger". When you wanted him benched game after game.When you wondered out loud that previously all he was was a relief pitcher who came in late in the game.

When you called him "damaged goods"

No one cares when you kiss a players a$$ in public woody, its what you POST in here.

Unlike yourself zontar...I'm out there , visible and responsible for any comments I make.

I'm sure you would say the things you do to players faces! :roll: No you hide behind multiple screen names!

The above quote is an absolute contorsion of what I said with words that I used inserted!

Kindly stop doing that! Everbody knows your little tricks and game!

Oh and one other thing, I've never been afraid of facing anyone...Let alone getting my lights knocked out! I don't hide behind a computer!

Having said you go again , hyjacking a thread and causing #%&* to get a thread locked! :roll:

Hold on here, theres a difference between making fun of HIM and making fun of the people that touted him as the next Joe Montford… if the scouts were doing their jobs properly he wouldnt have even been here… it was brutally obvious he wouldnt be on the team from the second he steped on the field.

Is that his fault? perhaps in a way… but yea… hats off to him for trying :roll: … but really, it was never even up for debate.

Interesting how we cant turn this same discussion around on a certain punter that had his family insulted in these very forums and was personally insulted because of 2 bad kicks.

The double standard around here is simply amusing.

Well just to clarify this, because You Quoted Me. At no time did I tout him as the next Joe Montford. Also I wasn't part of any discussion that insulted a "certain punter"!

Interesting you should make that point though. As well documented here, it seems Petek was brought in because of his football skills demonstrated back home.

He did get a tryout..that's what the coaches and staff do...and evaluate! The guy wasn't a keeper in this situation.

By your own were out to make Fun of the player and his situation, while at the same time making fun of posters who had a favourable view of him! Sounds like a troll to me!

How many times must it be said that people come here for information and entertainment! Most of us are keen fans of the game and want to promote the Ticats and the CFL. The rest of the BS is non productive!

Let's look forward to a winning season in 2007 and perhaps everybody will be in a little better mood! :wink: