Andy OFFICIALLY a Rider again

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if he thinks he’ll be going back to the NFL in 2012, he needs to give his head a shake!

but anyways, GREAT TO SEE YOU BACK! :smiley:

After 50 or so lbs of 'roids, he might be thinking he would then qualify as a tight end in the NFL. :wink:

No, seriously, I have no problem with someone wanting to make it for the big time money in the NFL and fame, not at all. Andy has shown the right behaviour not dickering around and getting back to business here asap. Good on him. :thup:

ok then, ya all better change your pick to sask now :slight_smile:

wha...? is this for real? I didn't see this coming.

Hard year for someone who hasn't played NFL style ball before to make an NFL squad with the lockout and shortened training camps leaving teams scrambling for more experienced players to fill needs so they're in better shape to start the season. He mighta been a contenda if he had the full spate of OTC's and minicamps the NFL teams do during the offseason.'s hard to give-up on the dream and i think it would be a stretch to see him try down south again...Looking forward to him playing in the Banjo tilt...I like seeing the best compete and it's twice as nice when you can take 2 points away from a tough competitor.... :wink:GoBigBlue