Andy Mulumba vs. Kyle Walters

Mulumba was the 2nd overall pick of the Bombers in 2013. He's never been on a CFL field - taking 4 years to wash completely thru the NFL camps (at age 27).

Not gonna get many more look-sees or extra cash for sitting like a lump on an NFL practice roster ($200,000 to $325,000) so he's at a crossroads.

Evidently the bombers (in dire need of Canadian talent on their d-line or linebacking crew) have offered Andy a contract.

I always wondered what was going on. New Bomber regime is pretty tight-lipped so new information has come out from Mulumba's agent. The agent wants a bigger contract offer - or an agreement to ship/trade Andy's rights to another CFL team.

Right now - the parties are at a Mexican stand-off.

Frankly, given the bombers lack of Canadian depth at key positions what would be wrong signing Andy M. for the final 3 games of the year - giving him a small signing bonus and get him ready for playoffs? Of course, you'd have to offer a guy more than a 3 game contract. So why not offer him a 2nd year (2018) at $125,000 to $140,000 w/ a signing bonus ($25k or somesuch). If the guy can't play anymore - if his practice habits are lazy or indifferent - if he's become an ex-NFL diva - CUT HIM. You're only out a couple game cheques plus a signing bonus - the signing bonus is really the only thing at risk - and for the potential this guy brings might be well worth the investment.

So again I ask. Why the stand-off?

.....Mulumba's agent is not CFLPA certified, so how can we negotiate with Andy's agent if he's not registered...?????....Lot's going on behind the scenes I would say BUT IF Mulumba wants to continue playing football it will be on our terms, definitely length of contract (of course cash and terms are always negotiable)....We can't sign the guy for a couple of games and then become a free agent and buggering off to 'wherever' when season ends....Walters might look like he just fell off the turnip truck but that ain't the case...Andy wants the money....we want the length of the contract to ensure he plays with us....Other option would be to trade his rights for a gold plated player and or a first round pic....This could dead end on either side....Walters knows Andy and has great dialogue with him.....his agent ???not so much.

If Andy's lawyer or player rep is not certified - the negotiations take on a different bent.

The lawyer could act as an "advisor" during the negotiation stage and Andy or a trusted friend or family member could be the primary signatory on any agreed upon contracts.

Not a big deal. Several CFL players have represented themselves. This particular agent/lawyer is basically being utilized as a mouthpiece for Andy - hoping to advance negotiations, etc.

Clearly, as shown by the Agent's PO'd attitude, the Blue are in the driver's seat.
Andy is someone I expect the Club had almost lost sight of, now, situation's changed.

Wild comes off the six today, Hurl, the two Knox boys, we are just OK @ LB, Andy would be a nice fill at the right time. Besides, he's still got years to play and The WBBFC is his only option.

I'm betting he signs. Perhaps with a "Wally Buono" clause (two weeks in January to make an NFL club..). Walters offers him a ridiculous unattainable window of hope, he'll sign.

My Week 18 Pro-line:
Stamps and OVER
Bombers and UNDER
Ticats and UNDER
Lions and OVER

And just between us friends:
MOS wears shorts
ISIS bombs the Command Centre, generally well received
Something crazy happens in Sask....

The only guarantee is O'Stoic wearing those idiotic Bermuda shorts - and an adequate supply of smelling salts!

At some point both sides have to give a little. I think Lyle’s proposition is excellent. Get this done today…Now, the big problem is where to play him. :wink:

Realistically, not enough time left in this season to bring Andy up to speed.
Bombers will pray Wild doesn't re-injure and roll lots of bodies in and out,
Givens offered up to the Press earlier, sure sign he's starting,
Dressler back, apparently,
Flanders doing Clairol hair colour hand-outs at The Co-Op, still a game or two away,
Remember, Mo was out for a stretch earlier and it went well,
My prediction, based on a touch of info, we see FB Normand show up in this week's scheme.
And NOS, formerly known as MOS, wears shorts.

Mike NO'Shea, affectionate title given to a coach who successfully talks to the Press and says NOthing.

.....I think you're right Wumper....not enough time to get up to speed and it'll be next year time for Mulumba.....maybe Gray as well (wouldn't that be nice)....I think Mikey keeps those sniffin salts around because he's scared to faint dead know after we get a BIG lead and hold it....The shorts are just offseason dreamin when he has visions of Hawaii ...Sure a far cry from the old straight up style of Bud Grant...someone he can only hope to be half as successful as... AND if that's the case,I think O'Shea has to start NOW..

A guy can dream, can't he ?

Concerning MOS, I think he should be here for the long haul or until there is a drastic drop off in wins. Even with his idiosyncrasies, he is winning and he is a nice guy. Some guys don't like the media, that don't bother me. In fact, other than his refusal to change, I can't think of much else that is negative...That refusal to change thing is a biggie though.

NOS is on an upswing right now, even in Cowtown those don't last.

I like the guy's Coaching style, he's big on accountability, earning your chance and supporting your team-mates; all good.

His record, recently, is also getting very good, lets see where it ends.

He is less than forthcoming with us Owners:
Roc Carmichal, snatched by aliens??
Westerman, what would it matter to admit he went home for some triceps surgery??
Nichols hand? NOS won't even admit he has one, never mind its banged up...

He wins on Saturday, with the big guns down, nothing else matters.

I think his best chance of that is go two N WR's, pound Harris, add two tablespoons of Normand, load up the D line with NI studs and get after Sir Ricky, big time.

I've texted all this to NOS, will advise his thoughts when he gets back to me.

Winnipeg has a habit of bringing in coaches & GMs who have a unique way with local media . . . . . Voltaire once said beware the articulate incompetent - Jets coach Paul Maurice is testament to that - - - - he'll smother local media with lots of fancy talk which most of them buy into - - - - - trouble is Maurice is one of the worst technical coaches in hockey history - GM Chevyldayoff is a shifty-eyed meek who hides behind walls in the pressbox, shielding himself from media, going with the eager but non-aggressive Sara Orlesky when he needs to say something. Markus Chipman, the Jets tedious owner - is building a business dynasty on the shoulders of local, provincial and federal governments. So long as his hockey team inhales big profits he could care less how feeble and defensively indifferent a team he has.

Bombers now employed the same formula. Except Wad Miller is by no means the business tycoon Mr. Chipman is. Miller seldom says anything anymore cuz he's learned its a no-win situation. GM Kyle Walters is a good hem 'n haw guy - but his rosters have been wanting in key spots - his draft record is atrocious. NO'Shea has avoided the noose cuz the bomber business plan says to endure torment to produce gain. O'Shea is starting to come around as a head coach - he's a players coach to be sure - but some of his antics are funny. He'll go down proud - last game will be the western final - either here or in Edmonton.

Best thing that can happen to the Bombers is going down 40-3 or somesuch this wknd in Toronto . . . . . that will send an Nescafe instant coffee moment to the bomber braintrust and maybe encourage them to make necessary adjustments. I don't know if Toronto has enough power to slay the bombers by 35+, they're a pretty timid group to be sure - but the bombers are in la la land right now - and despite all the pre-game yap about being ready and going game to game - I expect the bombers to mail in the points!

Big difference between O'Shea & PloMo (Maurice) is that O'Shea basically says the same crap (1 or 2 sentences over and over in the same monotonic voice) while PloMo (who evidently has a massive IQ in the 91/92 range uses a dazzling cavalcade of words, hockey expressions and grim optimism to tame a meek & timid local media - mostly guys who earned their press row seats by doing 1/2 hour yap shows on local college radio or 3am shows on the sports station. . . . .you know the type, guys who are so focused they can't see light from day - focused on the speed of pucks coming off Dusty Byfuglien's stick when he fans on an outlet pass - basically engineering students with dumbass accents unsuitable for primetime radio.

P.S. Think O'Shea is safe for another season (or two) even if the team loses out. Maurice, that's another story - Chippy prolly has an algorithm thanking Maurice for his service if the team goes less than 10 pts in its first 18 to 20 games.
Personally I think Maurice will be right on the number - meaning a poser for Chipman. Jets always find suitable weak-defense opponents w/ indifferent goal-tending who refuse to nullify Laine's trigger, etc. Current Jets team with such indifferent attitude to defense - is prolly a 78 to 83 pt. squad - 10 to 12 points below the supposed playoff Mason-Dixon line!

Given his record of success, I'm surprised Maurice is even coaching in the NHL ranks. Carolina gave him a 2nd chance to no avail and that was after winning the cup once they had fired him the 1st time. He even failed in the KHL... Claude Julien might be available soon, at least he won a cup !

I think we can pull out a win Sat. but once again we are playing a team that just lost and is pissed off and is playing for 1st in the east....One of the reasons I stopped going to games in Tor. is that we always seem to lose there in spite of Tor.'s record. I don't know what it is ?

Jets are suffering from classic NHL angst. They're not quite bad enough to finish BOTTOM 2 and have a great chance at the next Crosby, Toews, Matthews, McDavid, Lemieux, etc. - and they're not ready to step up (poor coaching, bad systems, marginal AHL players) into a consistent playoff position.

One thing Maurice is top drawer at is EXCUSES. No NHL coach can calmly talk down a downtrodden media from the ledge - and if local media is appeased then fans are too! At least most of them.

I'm waiting for the last 8 games of the season where Jets suddenly go into God mode - officially eliminated from playoffs their main task is to win all their games, and move away from a top draft pick - a draft pick that could help the team fairly quickly. Last year, tanking would probably have given them a 5th to 8th overall guy - but they god-moded and won their last 8. . . . . . guess most of the players kicked it up a notch against indifferent opponents, trying like the dickens to save at least one job from one of the mopes currently on the Jets roster.

Bomber game day is up.
Givens and L"Darius will cause some initial problems, not much film. Expect TO starts soft zone and we see some early success, rapidly evaporating as Tresty turns the dial up.

Wild is in, probably still fragile. Worst case is he quickly re-injures. If so, entirely on iron Mike!!
He's adamant he doesn't protect players, "good to go? Then go"....

I'd feed TO some "FB surprise" and try and keep the guys healthy, perhaps drag out a sleeper win but I'd sure avoid a slug-fest.

TO weather is good, partly cloudy, 19, although winds 13 km from the north will leave a downhill field for someone in the 4th.

Toronto wins by TD unless the D runs Sir Ricky into the ground.

Wilder is back, probably results in the final MLB embarassment of the year for NOS.

......eeeeks....Wilder is back....I hope he's still feeling the after effects of that nic he just suffered or we will be embarrassed in the middle...Maybe Givens will cause them problems....Unknown quantity with lots of speed..It would be nice to think we have another threat in the lineup...I hope Wild and Dress hang together and aren't sent back to the infirmary...That would not bode well for the finish of the season...Play tough but play smart and leave it all out there is my motto

Would be nice if:

  1. Wild & Dressler contribute greatly to a W - clinch 2nd in west - and can thus be rested accordingly until the IGF playoff game.

  2. Wild & Dressler - FRAGILE CARGO - escape the game un-injured and can be played sparingly in games 17 & 18

Wouldn't be nice if:

  1. Either/both Dressler & Wild leave the game temporarily (a precursor to permanently) and are sketchy for further season action.

Dressler gives the team a bit extra in the options dept. However, without legitimate deep-long threats like Adams, Nichols is reduced to a slightly taller version of Kevin Glenn, either heaving them long and hoping someone gets open or dinking 'n dunkin' like the 2nd coming of Ricky Ray for 1 yd to 8 yd gains. Something tells me Trestman will be able to cover the bombers mid to long range WRs like a blanket - and put some heavy pressure on our short passing game. Should mean Harris can spring for 50 to 80 running yds but you never know what mood our o-line guys will be and whether they can withstand the Argo's continued stunts!

Good stuff Lyle. You were all over it long before I came along.

Still agree with your logic.

Fast becoming never going to happen. Stupid Joe Mack!