Andy Mulumba gets his first "Start"

Andy will be starting at linebacker for the Packers this week ! Amazing progression from this kid but probably ends any chance of him showing up in Winnipeg in the next 3 years.

....Good for takes your chances with pics.... AND know better than that...'ends any chance in the next three yrs.' ...nothing is a certainty in this game.. :wink:

Could happen but once he starts and gets game film. the drops are to backup and then practice roster so he will likely be in the NFL for at least 3 seasons.

It's impossible to predict whether he'll be in GB at this time next season, never mind three years. The injuries the Packers have at the moment give him a crack at being in the starting line-up temporarily, but he may well play poorly and never see the field again, we just don't know. Hopefully, he'll give a good accounting of himself and stick around for a while, but if not, it's still very possible he becomes a Bomber next year, we have no way of knowing at this point.