Andy McNamara New Radio Voice of your Hamilton Tiger Cats

Over the last few years, I've listened to CFL games on other stations, and I would put CHML's work with any in the league. Some of the analysts I've heard elsewhere could not construct a proper sentence if their lives depended on it. Most of these people were university graduates. It was embarrassing.

Comparing the quality of what a local radio station can produce to a national network with much greater resources is unfair and frankly ridiculous. That would be like trying to equate your pass catching abilities to those of Luke Tasker.

Can we give Mr. McNamara a chance before we crucify him, please? Personally, I thought Zamperin was almost as annoying as Rod Black; but he was the only game in town. Coach Sal was the ONE saving grace of CHML's Ti-Cats broadcasts. The 5th Quarter devolved a few years ago (probably more like 8) into a drunken complaint show, rather than a (somewhat) serious discussion of the game. I kinda blame CHML on this, because there wasn't a real "football guy" on that part of the broadcast, just someone who seemed to do nothing but agree with the drunks and b@#$h about the team as much as the "fans" were.

Was there a post game “5th quarter show” after Monday’s game? and if there wasn’t do they plan to have it on CKOC

My praise for Rod Black was ALL SARCASM............. :roll:

How about bringing back Bob Bratina?

I watched the game but listened to the TSN 1200 radio broadcast out of Ottawa.

Rod Black is the last person I would want. He loves the Argos way too much! I like the idea of a broadcaster being impartial during the play b play. I've heard Rod shamelessly go on and on about the blue team when they were out of it or other highlights needed coverage. He's brutal!

Rod Black was great the other night and the post game show with Matt Cauz was a really nice change.

BTW…Black is a Bombers fan. Born and raised there in the 'Peg.

Normally not a fan of his work, but strictly on Monday, as a Tiger-Cats Radio Network broadcast…he was good.

Rod Black is barely tolerable as a TV commentator. On the radio he is useless. If it were not for the TiCats TV feed I wouldn't have any idea as to what was happening on the plays.

I was able to watch Grey Cup sporadically via internet from Kinshasa, DRC. When the feed cut out due to poor internet quality, I was able to tune into TSN radio for the call by Rod Black. Aside from the occasional right to left or left to right, his descriptions were sub par.

A radio play by play person should be able to describe the time remaining, down-distance, scrimmage point and formation of the offense as well as any obvious pre-snap indications from the defense such as showing a blitz. When the play commences there should be details as to who has the ball, where the play is going geographically on the field (strong side, weak side, right, left, the flats, over the middle, deep, off-tackle) where the play ends and what not. We don't have TV to fill in these details. It might sound like a lot but with experience and practice it can be done. Rick Zamperin and others know what they're doing on the radio and can get all this info across.

A typical play with Rod Black sounded like this,

"First down Ti-Cats. Collaros looks downfield. He throws. Its caught! A little razzle dazzle and Banks is finally taken down."

If I'm just listening.. what just happened?

That said, the post game discussion was great including contributions from Rod Black but his play-by-play is awful for radio.

As much as I am not a fan of Rod Black, I think we need to be fair here.

As you indicated, doing radio play by play is somewhat different then the TV version. Doing the later, the camera does most of the work for you. You might need to fill in some names especially if the view the audience is seeing is some distance away. The emphasis is more on the background or the colour of the game; stats, quotes from the players and coaches, injury reports, replays... etc.

Radio on the other hand requires more description of activity, as the audience is relying on the announcer to paint a picture for them of what is happening on the field and the environment (player substitution). He is the listener's eyes and sometimes ears. You need to think and respond quickly, have a solid memory for recalling names of those involved in the play and what just happened (replays)

I'm not familiar with Rod Black's career history. He may have had only a little radio work or may not have done it for sometime. Or, at all.

I knew a couple of friends while I was in college, who were afforded an opportunity through the school broadcasting program to call some CFL games to tape for their course requirements. Their work would be a radio like effort.

From talking to them about it then, it is not nearly as easy as you may think.

Which is why I have great admiration for those who can do it well.

Oh mean all Cat's games will be Black and Schultz. I thought it was to be McNamara and Coach Sal. I thought those other two were one shot guest appearances.
Everyone is right to say they did good TV coverage, but it was lousy radio coverage. I go to the games but I really appreciate the added explanations, especially the penalties.

Haven’t lived in The Hammer or been away to long? That’s not how it works here lol

From twitter, for those concerned about losing the 5th Quarter show on CHML:

Rick Zamperin ?@rickzamperin Jun 9
It will return June 26.
Jason Husack @JHusack
Missing @AM900CHML Fifth Quarter @TedCHML #TicatNation

I hate twitter I can't understand most of that.

All that matters is the ' return June 26th' I guess