Andy Juniper - anyone know of this guy?

Read the following on Sportsnet, my favourite website for quality, unbiased CFL information of course (yeah right), written by Andy Juniper. Anyone know of this clown?

"The Canadian Football League is once again front-page news. But, sadly, as usual, it's for all the wrong reasons. Indeed, the league with the painful propensity to periodically shooting itself in the foot has done it again. Bang! ... But just when you think the league is out of the bush, just when you think it's ready to stand up and be truly respected… Bang!

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What a twit.

But notice how it says, after the article:

Andy Juniper brings us the lighter side of sports. He can be visited at his Web site, or contacted at

Lighter side, you said it! With such a light knowledge of the CFL, that guy for sure wouldn't be able to provide any in-depth analysis. How come people like that end up in the media anyways?

Who is this clown, you asked? Here. Taken from his own website:

Andy Juniper has written two novels, The Sunforth Chronicles (Mosaic Press, 2003), and Sweet Grass (Mosaic Press, 1994). He has also published two compilations of humour essays, When You Get Done BleediNg Will You Get Me A Snack (Mosaic Press, 1977) and Strangled Eggs (LTD Books, 2005).

Andy has been writing professionally for nearly 27 years. He began his career as a journalist specializing in editorials, features and personality profiles. He worked at The Woodstock Sentinel-Review in Woodstock, Ontario, and The Chronicle Journal-Times News in Thunder Bay, Ontario, before joining The Globe & Mail in 1980. He left the Globe in 1982 to work as an editor for an international publishing house. In 1984, he began his own freelance business, which continues today.

For the past eighteen years, Andy's off-the-wall essays have been published weekly in The Oakville Beaver and periodically in newspapers and magazines across Canada. To date, he has written more than 800 columns and garnered a large, loyal audience.

I guess that gives him all the knowledge he needs to critic football...

Wow, what an impressive sports journalism background It's amazing these "finds" Sportsnet uncovers.

Thanks for the info Third_and_Ten.

Somebody had to provide entertainment with Marty York gone.

They fired Marty York because he was too accurate. They figured a novel writer would succesfully miss the boat just about every time.

Watch out for next year. Rumour has it that Aunt Jemima will write the power rankings.

I like the feedback comment … I wrote one of my own, but they didn’t put it up. Basically, it commented on how the media loves to jump all over the CFL every chance they get - even when it’s not the CFL’s fault. That’s my biggest pet peeve. The NHL can do no wrong … but the media just loves to beat up the CFL, for seemingly no reason … bastards.

Dan Russell out here in Vancouver is the same way. He said the Lions would NEVER fill the Lower Bowl. Thank goodness he's on holidays, or we would be listening to hockey talk all summer. (I do like hockey, but the Cooler months!)

Well, if you called them bastards, they surely won't post your feedback... :stuck_out_tongue:

Uhhhhh let me guess, is he from Toronto, if not he has no excuse for cfl bashing.