Andy "Highly Doubtful" for Saturday's battle


As tweeted by Drew - Head coach Kent Austin says receiver Andy Fantuz in "highly doubtful" for Saturday's game versus the Larks. A huge void to fill again. Ellingson being out hurts too.

Look for another big game by Tasker and more balls going Giguere's way as he will likely be moved inside again.

This will put even more emphasis on the running attack of Grigsby and Carter.

Not good...hopefully our defense steps it up and shuts down Green and Carter.

I'd like to see Giguere step up again on Saturday. He has been quite a bit more visible over the past couple of games, making some nice plays. He is great to watch when he gets flying.

I’m not buying it. Fantuz will dress.

i think fantuz will only play if Toronto wins on friday if they lose he will not play

You could be right. Whatever happens I hope it is for the best of number 83. :thup:

noooooooo. :cry:

Dan Welch of CHCH Sports gave verification on the 6 o'clock news that Fantuz would
NOT likely play.

What is verification of not likely ? :lol:

The team has to announce their 46 man roster sometime tomorrow and if Fantuz isn't listed on it then he won't be eligible to dress and play in the game on Saturday. As of this post Fantuz is still listed on the 1 gm IL so unless the team activates him on to the active sometime tonight or early tomorrow morning before the league deadline then it looks like he will be a definite no go for the game.So basically the team will not have the luxury of waiting the outcome of Fridays game before they have to make a decision on if Fantuz will play or not.The only way would be if Fantuz was part of the 46 and declared one of the two game day scratches.

I think this is what will cost us the game, if anything. Too many injuries.

We are running a 3rd and 4th string RB (who, yet they play like 2nd strings fair enough, but have so far had limited play packages), Andy Fantuz likely out, Bulcke out, LeFevour out (only jumbo team QB who got it done), Wojt out, Fortin out, lot of nationals there missing.

Either way, it'll be a good one, but I think we'd all breathe easier if Ottawa steals their last game from the Argos.

If Fantuz is out and it's too bad if he is, he brings a lot to the offence of experience and abilities.

What about our other recievers like Ellingson and Koch? I understand the ratio rule and that the Cats would have to maybe take out an american player to put another one in or Canadian player for Fantuz but do we only have Coates to back up Fantuz?

Maybe it's time for this game to reshuffle the receivers deck and put in the most experienced and best receivers for this game.

Sam G
Koch (if healthy)

Andy is out, as per the depth chart just issued this morning. Koch is still on the IL as well.

The only change to the roster Is Madu off, Carter on.

Very tough to be going without 2 of our top 4 receivers and our 2 top running backs.

It is what it is, No excuses, just win!
6 wins in a row at THF

Fantuz’s absence will hurt most on blitz pickup IMO. He’s one of the best in the league at reading blitz and getting into the vacated space to catch that hot pass from the quarterback.

Looking at Hamilton's depth chart I see they are possibly dressing EIGHT offensive linesmen. They are going to throw some funky formations at Montreal to run the ball. Very smart move by Austin.

Nothing different there from last week. I'm sure Olson, like last week, or possibly Lewis, like two weeks ago, will be one of the two Internationals on the game depth chart who won't dress

Nothing new here. They always list eight and dress seven. Nothing funky going to happen.