andy fantuz

anybody know what happened to him last night .noticed coates was in for him for most of the game

He had ice on his knee for a while but he looked OK on the sidelines.
My guess is that Austin did not want to take any chances on further injury last night....the playoffs are getting close.

I heard later that it was a hamstring problem (which he has had before) and he was kept out of the game as a precaution. Hopefully it is just a little strain and nothing more. Austin would most likely prefer to have him healthy for next week and the rest of the season. Seems according to Zach's post game they did a little switch with Giguere moving into Andy's SB position and Coates moving into Sam's WR spot. Coates did have a nice catch for FD there so I don't think that the offense suffered too much for not having Fantuz in.

It looked to me like it was ice, but when I looked closer, he had his knee heavily wrapped with a pad or something on the side & in behind. From my perspective it was knee & not hamstring. (Although he wears a heavy wrap on his hamstring as well.)

Agreed ... from the interactions I saw on the sideline between him & the trainer & Austin, they decided not to take any chances & give him a break last night to make sure he's healthy for the final 3 games & playoffs.