Andy Fantuz

How do you think he will do with the riders this year?

I think hell do pretty good. And i think the Riders have a pretty sweet recieving core now.

Fantuz, not frataz

and I agree, That is a very good pick up. Would have liked it if they picked Chris Sutherland, but oh well.

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i good receiving core your best receiver isnt even as good as edmonton 4th best receiver

TUCKER, J EDM 89 1411 15.9 105 11
LEWIS, N CAL 80 1379 17.2 46 9
WATKINS, K MTL 97 1364 14.1 75 9
SIMON, G BC 89 1322 14.9 83 10
ARMSTEAD, J OTT 89 1307 14.7 75 5 <---------not better then your 4th best how???
MILES, T TOR 91 1275 14.0 67 8
FLICK, D HAM 80 1245 15.6 80 6
COPELAND, J CAL 64 1211 18.9 70 8
MITCHELL, D EDM 94 1207 12.8 49 5
BRUCE, A TOR 67 1205 18.0 89 11
STEGALL, M WPG 52 1184 22.8 101 17

Just becuase you know were gonna kick you but this season dosnt mean you have to bash us. We tied the series last year i think with EDM. And that was with crappy recievers and a crappy QB

Laugh it up while you can... we will have a much more vertical passing game this year. I can hardly remeber any long passes from lasy year but I remember Joseph tossing a few against us.

Man I can't wait.

anyone here follow Fantuz? he gonna make the team as a starter? is Hoffart gonna get time this year?

Is the season series record from last season the only piece of information that you use to make your decision that you will "kick" us this year? And we were a blocked 30 yard epstein (temporary import kicker who really sucked it up that game going 1 for 4 if i recall correctly) field goal away from being 2-0 against you.

Ricky Ray will have a lot of pressure on him this year , cause he doesnt have Maas to bail him out this season. Edmonton may not be the dominating team they once were. The west is close and any of the teams in the division can finish last, and all have the potential to finish 1st. We will see just how good of a coach Maciocia is this year.

If you are going to blame that loss on the kicker, epstein, then you could also say that you won the second game on a blown call by the referees on the goal line when you really didnt cross the plane, just a thought, either way excuses for both sides in the two games, just goes to show i think the parity in the league, any game can be won by either team, and this year should be no different

oh yah and by the way rawnotsorookie matt dominguez is one of the best recievers in the league along with armstead, the rest of our recieiving core is questionable however and no doubt that the esks do have a great deal more depth and an outstanding core, but the riders do have two great receivers as well

If things work out and Fantuz is in training camp i think the riders recievers would give the esks a run.

I have been saying what the Green and White have been lacking is a solid canadian slot back who can make the big plays. And from what Fantuz did in university ball he could be that guy

Fantuz is a beauty I can hardly wait to see this guy suit up for the Green and White. For those of you who missed the article in todays SP it basically said Fantuz wants a 1 & 1 deal so he can pursue his NFL options again next year while the Riders are wanting to sign him to a little bit longer deal. Fantuz said money isn't really an issue for him right now. He said he was happy that he was selected to the Riders and he hopes to be signed in time for Training Camp.

has any Rider fan actually seen him play? who would you compare him to?

Hoffart is not on the roster at this point because of an injury.

What's the problem? Long-term/short-term?

Not sure, he was seen on the sidelines watching TC. Might be difficult for him to break in during the season but you never know.

In case you guys missed it Fantuz has signed with the Riders and caught the last day of Rookie Camp where he looked FANTASTIC he didn't drop a ball all practice and then after he worked with Kerry Joseph for about half an hour and didn't drop 1 ball in half an hour, unbelievable. Sunday at main camp he once again didn't drop a ball all day he made one circus catch over the middle that had everyone cheering. DB said that Fantuz could become the teams go-to receiver if he keeps proving that he's reliable. I'm really excited about this guy I can hardly wait to see him in real game action!