Andy Fantuz!!

I think Fantuz is still feeling the effects of his injury earlier in the year, he doesn't look the same as he did prior to his injury when running routes or catching passes, he looks off in his timing and not on the same page with Burris. I think the hamstring must still be bothering him? Have other fans noticed this?

Hard for me to see that last night.

B.C has a very good defense and their coverage was pretty good last night, especially with all the sacks.

All things he considered, I thought he looked good last night.

Over rated, over paid, maybe over the hill

I too thought he played well last night. Made a couple of key receptions when the Ti-Cats needed them especially that 15-yarder surrounded by 4 BC defenders late in the 2nd.

A healthy AF is so worth his weight for his salary I would say. Problem is, he isn't healthy all that often. :? Next injury that keeps him out for 5 weeks or so and contract due, decrease in pay for sure.

Fantuz was great last night,
caught 5 out of 6 passes thrown to him all for 1st downs,
Back to back 1st downs with 2 min. left in the game.
Fantuz is a stud, we are lucky to have him,
Big target with outstanding hands for Hank,
Ellingson, Fantuz and Bakari Grant were all good last night

I think he's great when he's healthy, he doesn't look healthy right now, he may have had five catches but still no where near the fire storm he set in the first game against Toronto and that was against a tough defense? TD Catch, 150 yards recieving, we haven't seen that since game one???

That was before our team realized what they had in Ellingson! :wink:

is that you uncle nic?? :cowboy:

Fantuz was great last night. He is steady and reliable. After missing a lot of practice time
He is getting the timing back with Burris.

What I didn't like about our passing game in B.C. was that we don't have a really fast receiver that
will stretch the defence. A deep threat. Defences ( as they did last night) are focusing on our short
to intermediate guys. Fantuz catch( which is mentioned here) late in third quarter was a good example. Great throw , great catch but he is surrounded by 4 defenders 10 yards from the line of scrimmage.

We need a speed merchant at the WR position. This will give all the receivers more room. We need Jackson or Gant.

+1! Well said! I concur 100%!

Sorry Mike, that comment shows me you really don't appreciate the CFL or know very much about a players value to his team and league.

Typical mikem post.....Isn't it rather obvious that from past posts in past threads,that he has a huge hate-on for Fantuz..and an enormous MAN crush on little Chrissie Williams.......Ridiculous......sometimes think that our boy "mikem" is from another solar system in another galaxy......far,far away. :stuck_out_tongue: :roll:

We need a speedy deep threat and somone to teach Burris how to throw a spiral.