Andy Fantuz

The recent trade rumour, which was nothing but a rumour, that involved andy fantuz and jeremy oday going in a three way trade got me to thinking, is Andy a free agent after this season is over? If he is this is a guy that needs to be resigned asap. The possibility that he could leave next year and go back out east which is home is very terrifying to me. Does anyone have any thoughts or inside info about what you think he will do next year. If you are out there rider brass, lets get this guy locked up to a long term deal!!!

Agreed. In my opinion that is a huge knock on Tillman. He does not seem to sign guys until after the season is done. The fact that we had ~17 free agents at the end of last year was atrocious. Resign the good ones before they have free agency in their sights.

I don't know what Andy's status is after this year, but ET did extend him prior to the expiry of his previous contract.

If you can believe Vanstone—and he usually has his facts right–Andy is entering his option year. I think he will be offered a substantial raise and hopefully be signed before camp starts. Contract negotiations get sticky after TC begins–too many things going on for both players and management. If they had traded Andy (and O’Day) I would have demanded a refund on my tickets!!. And we had best not let another premium free agent slip through our fingers without being at least competitive in our offer…no more excuses.

I've been saying the SMS has changed things and like Winnipeg saw this year. If players tell you that they will test free agency and there is a good chance you will lose the player, your best off trading him then losing him for nothing unless you feel the team your trading with is in direct competition with yours in the current season.

I would not be at all surprised to see Fantuz and another player head to Hamilton for Barker and the 1st or third pick. If it is O'day, I could see Hamilton flipping him to Winnipeg for one of their import receivers.

Ain't gonna happen.
And I do not see how the SMS has changed anything regarding players testing free agency. Except for the fact that, the entire point of the SMS, aside from cost certainty, was that a team like the Riders will not always be outbid by other teams for free agents. Under the old system, if a player like Andy wanted to test the market, every team in the league would have the capacity to make a strong play for him. Now, with the SMS, only teams with cap room can make a serious offer. That should make it easier, not more difficult to retain a player. And if a player tells you he will under no circumstances re-sign, that aspect really is no different now than before.

i missed the rumors, good to know they were just rumors though. fantuz is a keeper.

I hear you except the rumour {which was apparantly just some guy yipping on a talk show} was that the deal involved Edmonton. If, for example, we got Ricky Ray back in the trade I wonder if you'd want a refund? It's all conjecture of course cuz the 'rumour' was just a load of excrement. :rockin:

And I'd hope and think you'd get a big cup of 'we can't do anything for you sir' in return. Unless you bought on Mastercard, or another CC, in which case you might be able to recover your money since you don't have the tickets yet.

Besides, who are they to you man? I know you sat through the horrid(early to mid.) 80's teams. I also know that you hate the current GM and barely like Ken Miller and some of the players. I have to assume you like these guys waaaaaaaaaay too much if thats the measures you'd take for those actions but your still a fan through ALL that to even debate it.

Get your story straight. Your just not playing the role you usually play(pompous know-it-all never-has-been) up to par recently. And who are you kidding? If and when what credibility you MAY have here in the forums goes to crud because you don't attend games anymore, you'll be back like bacon.

I wonder if you think I care if you think I have any credibility? Because I assure you, I do not. If I turned in my tickets, it would be the act of doing so that would be important, not whether or not the Riders were willing to offer me a refund. It is a simple enough concept. But apparently still to complex for some.
As for the rest of what you say, as is so often your wont, it amounts to just so much dreck. Completely failing to grasp my point, you resort to fiction. And poorly written fiction at that.

Arius has good info, scribe... a very knowlegdeable fan who will contribute more in 1 post than you will in 100, whenever you reach that mark... I don't agree with everything Arius says, but at least I respect him enough not to question his loyalty to the Riders... too bad you can't say the same...

Oh, I know you don't care Arius, and I'm not writing soully for your enjoyment. So... Sambo... where do you sit? Arius? I'm calling, Arius, you, and anyone else out that wants to hide behind a computer.

I didn't question his "loyalty" to the Riders. I questioned why he likes a couple of the current Riders soooo much that he would turn his tickets over in protest to their departure. And we are supposed to believe that it would be the first time he's had such a thought or that anyone has had the thought. LOL! I do question his contempt for every Rider GM ever, and grow tired of fans throughout the nation with similar attitudes. That's why I am ticked when it's perpetuated here. Do we need a sim. football managerial computer game where all you guys can take control of the Riders and get it out of your systems that way? I thought and hoped after the 07' GC we learned a little about what it means to be great fans and finally may have heard the last of this idiotic stance.

I state things in a provocative manner sometimes because it stimulates the debate which sometimes leads to conclusions about things or, in this case, people. I'm sick and tired of Rider fans, year after year, like yourselves, who think the Riders management care about and would seek your input on the transactions they make related to football. If you are an owner(which is technically every resident of Sask) who wants to cry about the teams finances, that's a different story.

So where do you sit boys? You are a dying breed and I'd like to catch a glimpse of you dinosaurs for myself. And heck, if we trade Andy or anyone else and you don't approve, who knows how long we'll have this opportunity? I'm up in sec. 103, in row 9.


I'll take your challenge there Scribe.

I have no problem stating that I don't like Tillman as our GM. I don't think he helped our team by letting 17 players be possible free agents at the end of last season. I remember the outcry when Roy Shivers had something like 11 players be possible free agents.

Scribe I think you don't understand that this is a football forum where we want to talk football. And half of football is the player movements around the league. You seem to think that we all should just sit here and drink the kool aid and like everything the GMs of our respective teams do. That is crap. Now of course I don't expect the GM to consult the fans when making decisions and I highly doubt anyone else thinks that either. We want our GM to bring in and keep the best players he can, and if I feel that he is not doing then I am going to complain about it (coughMo Lloydcough). But also I would bet you that if the whole rider nation sent in letters to the Riders that they would be sending in their tickets if Eric Tillman was not fired, that ET would be given his walking papers. (that was just an example by the way).
We are passionate football fans who want the Riders to win, and if we think that the GM or head coach is not doing their job, then we have every right to complain about it. It is solely up to the Riders what they do with that complaint.
And in case you are wondering I am in section 42 row 15 seat 7 (i think its 7 could be 8 ), I would like to meet someone who thinks that they are always right and that everyone else's opinion should be squashed.

In closing, lighten up.

Go Riders

It is a souce of amusement Billy, that yes, when Roy Shivers was fired, one of the primary reasons given by Flopson (now if anyone cares to accuse me of disliking hopson, they'll be correct), was the fact we had 10-12 free agents and that was not good enough. By comparison---if that is a fair and valid criteria---then ET should have been long gone as he has done a terrible job of re-signing free agents. And as I have pointed out before--the SMS is supposed to help a small market team compete for free agents, not hinder them. So ET really has no excuses. Maybe he did during the transition period, but no more.

Anyway, Mr. Scribe---if that is your name--I have no interest in accepting your lame challenge. Good for Billy if he wants to, but I have no interest in meeting a boor such as yourself. There is a big difference between provocative debate and belligerence. My post, regarding turning in my tickets was intended to be provocative. Your response is primarily belligerent. I want to talk football. You want to make it about personalities.

I like Andy Fantuz because he is the prototypical player around which any team can build a winner. If the Riders did not have a guy like Andy, they would be doing everything in their power to acquire such a player. And ET has at pretty nearly every opportunity told us we did not sign guys like KJ or Mo in order to focus on maintaining and building upon a strong core of NI players(and Andy Fantuz' name always comes up in such a conversation). And we have spent a fortune signing guys like O-Day and developing a plan for transition, so to begin dismantling both of these supposedly fundamental aspects of our long term plan in order to obtain a few prospects would be highly counter intuitive. So while I do not agree with everything ET does (read not signing Mo was stupid) I do in fact agree with his efforts regarding focusing on the o-line and players like Andy Fantuz. And that means, in your astounding display of football acumen, what you are telling me is, if ET suddenly switches gears and turns his back on everything he has been saying and doing to build the team, I should just accept that?

Ditto for me on the challenge. I agree with Arius.. its about talking football, not wether or not we like/dislike ET or a few players. To steal a tatic from a famous/infamous poster here:

AriusReturns > AmatureScribe

at first i thought we had a flame thread here... but arius, and sambo you both seem to rise above it ( time and time again it seems ) and although one could argue that it is still a flaming thread, you both do it in such nice ways... I really do enjoy reading it.. Aswell it does expand my vocabulary... So, Thanks for the disagreements guys! group hug -- lol

I think RedHead should be castrated for having so many FA's time and time again, but... on the flipside i do like how hes so willing to wheel and deal. Theres 2 sides to every coin... Unfortunately, hes just not a chocolate coin. ( the kind everyone likes )

Keep up the good posts boys :rockin:

In my eyes, Fantuz is a franchise guy.... I'm super excited to see what the WR's can do this year...

Andy has been lucky enough to come out west and win a Grey Cup with the Riders very early on in his career. The only thing that would keep him in green after his contract expires would be loyalty. He does have a lot of playing left in him, but I wouldn't be mad if he chose to play closer to home. He already has his ring, now he can possibly play out his contract and go home. Clermont could have done the same but as we saw, he was loyal to the team that brought him to the show.

Thanks for the support guys. I enjoy the hunt of the debate as much as the debate itself sometimes, but remaining objective and civil is important.

Back to football. Andy Fantuz is a franchise player. And one can seldom trade a player of that calibre and make the team better. If a player wants to play out his option, there isn't much any team can do. But if you are always trading players in their option year, you end up on a treadmill. First, as I say, how do you improve yourself trading Andy? And second, if you trade such a player rather than let him play out his option, you both lose the benefit of his ability for that year, but also lose the advantage and time that having that player under contract gives you to negotiate a deal. Losing Mo Lloyd made me very unhappy. But if he was determined to go elsewhere, not much anyone can do. But trading players like Andy (or KJ last year) is another story altogether. That is a choice the team makes, and so there is something that can be done. And even with Mo, I firmly believe that had we made a serious offer, he would have stayed. But for sure, a serious offer needs to made to Andy. Then, if he doesn't resign, se la vie. But trading him now and claiming, "better than getting nothing" as a rationale ain't gonna cut it.

If the Riders EVER EVER change their colors to Purple and Orange, I'm leaving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If Fantuz leaves I'll be PO'd for almost an entire offseason. Then TC will start and I'll be back.

I'm like a battered wife, whatever they do to me I won't leave because I love them soooooo much.

Maybe I need an intervention.