Andy Fantuz to NFL

Really surprised the board is not aflutter with the news that Andy has workouts with the Vikings ad Steelers in January!

I know there is a lot of talk that he will be 28, does not have ST experience, and may be too slow to be more than a ST player in the NFL (as there is no presnap motion), but I would suspect we have seen Andy's last CFL game. How many guys get a tryout in January, essentially going into the playoffs. Perhaps his contract says he enters into his option year with the Riders on Jan 1, 2011, meaning he had to wait until then to roll down south.

WHy go "aflutter" before anything happens? That's what Chicken Little did, and look where it got her.

The Sky Might Fall didnt do much for Chhicken Litte, but Kid Cudi did ok with it lol

I wouldn't be surprised but I would deeply miss the guy. Outside of the money, I wonder if he realizes that his talents wouldn't be put to as good a use if he was playing on a NFL team...

remember.. NFL lockout coming in March. I'm not worried one bit.

Yes, but is it likely that they’ll settle before the new season? I’m not that familiar with NFL-PA relations, so I’m really curious as to if this will even be a factor…

well the NFL says that the players association will need to agree for 18 games in order to have any chance of an agreement being met.

they're not exactly too worried and are definitely willing to lock them out.

Andy's video blog about the tryouts. Nothing much but thought some might be interested.

Obviously he would be missed a lot, but I wish him good luck. I'm sure he realizes he wouldn't be as big of a star in the NFL but if this is his dream, then go for it. Also, the money is so much more than they could ever make here, he has to try it.

Thanks Billy. Watching that video, I'd say it's obvious where his heart is (down south). The message though is clear -- even he's not sure if he'll be offered a spot in the NFL at this time.

No pre snap movement, means he's too slow for the NFL. He'll be back.

After watching the playoffs this weekend, I really think Andy will play in the NFL next season. He's just as big as a lot of the receivers and definitely has as good and probably better hands. I saw a lot of big drops this weekend. He can be a reliable NFL receiver.

NFL really is overrated. after watching a little this weekend.. I am not impressed one bit.

what is your point…good game or not, that is still where the money is, and you can’t blame him for trying. As for the lockout, Fantuz must be signed by Feb 16, or he comes back, so it is a mute point.

And as far as lockout goes…i don’t think it will happen. The NFL already has 20 games (plus playoffs), same as the CFL. It is just that the NFL has 4 preseason games, so really, they are not playing any more football. The NFL will up the cap and payers will get more money, plus they are offering nice perks like a second bye week. I think that the biggest bone of contention will be the rookie salary cap, and i think it is really needed. top draft picks are getting 10mil / year contracts. That is way too big of an investment for someone who has not taken a professional snap. Look how many 1st overall picks are actually playing / starting 5 years later. It has to be stemmed.

After watching some south ball again this year, I'm not impresses with the recievers in he NFL. If fantuse can get used to the American ball in a hurry, I think he will excel with the right team. He has great hands compared to what I have seen this playoffs

I think the players are a bunch of whiners. remove 2 exhibition games that are boring as hell.. and make them 2 regular season games!!

like seriously!

Local radio is saying Fantuz is about to sign with the Steelers! I really hope not!

Fixed that for ya :slight_smile:

Thank you!! I forgot that. :cowboy:

Any news on Andy today? :oops: