Andy Fantuz OFFICIALLY an NFLer

da Bears

best of luck Andy

It is not on the page yet, but:

has a pic of him signing the contract

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the bears site

OH, and as for what exactly a reserve/future contract is, it a contract a player signs for the upcoming season if signed before the new season officially begins. The new season does not actually start until March. A reserve/future contract can only be signed if a player was not on ANY NFL team's active roster at the end of the season.

I hope for the best but I hope he fails, come back to the Riders and they sign him to a 4 year deal. keep him around.

If he fails then yeah, I am sure he wouls sign SOMEWHERE long term. I do not think he will fail. I think he will do very well. The part that kinda sucks about a CFLer going south and doing well is that it attracts scouts to look at more and more of our player, and that makes us, to some degree, like a NFL farm league. The pro is that it attracts more talent to the CFL in hopes of being noticed.

Good luck Andy, sad to see you go!

Worst part about it is his 2nd last play as a Rider. No blatant 5 yard offside and Grey Cup goes to O.T. at least. Oh well, if there was any position Riders can afford to lose someone, it’s receiver.

If he sticks in the NFL, he'll be missed, he was a treat to watch play the game.

But I suspect you are correct, Taleback; the team suffered three big losses the previous year in Chick, Baggs, and Eddie Davis, yet survived and made it back to the Grey Cup. Given the depth in terms of Canadian receivers, the team will survive the loss of Fantuz. . .watch for a bigger role for Getzlaf this coming season.

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"It'll be a big difference and a big change for me," Fantuz said. "It's going to be a faster game. It's going to be different. But being a football player, I'm excited for that challenge and I think I'll relish it.

Fantuz says, "It's going to be a faster game"



Well, the plays themselves are generally not as long. Plays in the NFL do not seem to generally stretch out for the same time...passing plays are generally hot passes or chuck it, wham bamm. With the wide CFL field the plays seem to often go longer as there is more room to scramble, and more field to make a move to get open in. In the NFL it seems the do not often get broken coverage if they are covered well to start. In a sense that makes it faster, but yeah, overall a slower game for sure.

I agree.

it is not as fast. just because the players are bigger and the field is smaller, this does NOT mean the game is faster.

heck the long play clock, the simpler designed plays, it's definitely not faster.

By faster I would assume he’s talking about the closing speed that NFL defenders have. I’m not sure that’s debatable. If he makes it, and Chicago is a great opp for him, I think Andy will see far less operating room. The flow of the game is another matter I suppose.

Too inconsistent. For example, rewatch the greycup. 2 pretty clear drops, 1 crucial one that was just brutal, and 3 more catchables...okay, can't count on all of those, but 1/3 catchables should be made.

I believe we will see more from Sisco, Koch and Bagg. JC may also play a starting role. IGetz will obviously get more game time, but he is NOT a walk in replacement for Fantuz...I would be dissapointed if they treated him as such.

But remember Bagg (and for the record Congi) are supposed to miss part of THIS coming season, so yes do look for a bigger role in Getzlaf at least until Bagg comes back but even then it's going to take a bit to get him back to his best form.

I can see the Riders making some signings this summer that will surprise us all.

But if you can foresee it, it won't then be a surprise, will it ?


you're RIGHT! :o

man to see fantuz playing for the bears will be heartbreaking for me as a packerfan.but happyly cheering him on as a RIDERSFAN!!!!!!

Happy for Andy of course, yet it's a double whammy losing a Canadian player. As a Rider fan I'm sorry to see any talent head South. As a football fan I wish the player the best. I am very happy for Andy and will hope to hear the NFL announcers say "Saskatchewan Roughriders" when they mention him. Hope his Chicago experience goes better than Hank's.

wish him the best!