I wouldnt say Simon has slipped at all. He was injured and since that has worked itself out has had much better numbers the last few games and has been climbing the receiver ranks.

Simon's starting to regain his MOP form. Getting healthy will usually do that for you.

Bout time eh?

I don’t think Fantuz would be the best Canadian now, but in the coming years I think he’ll be a real force.

Simons been acting like a baby for weeks........and i love it.

The Pose baby. He's baaaaaack! If you ever had any doubts, ask Tristan Clovis.

Whats Fantuz have??

Ya, it’s tough when you’re injured like that. The thing I like about Geroy is he played through it even though you could tell he was not even close to 100%. Now that he is inching closer, it is becoming painfully obvious to opposing defences around the league.

Dude, I saw it first hand...

Seeing how Simon is an import and ineligible for Outstanding Canadian,
Lets get back on topic!

But I thought Simon was from Moose Jaw? :oops:

And that's why you're not the GM :wink:

As far as staying on topic, I find it unlikely that Fantuz would win Most Outstanding Canadian, but he's certainly not completely out of the running yet.

My bet is on it going to Cahoon or Jackson.

Lumsden won't have good enough numbers if he doesn't play the rest of the year.

Excuse my ignorance for a moment ( I am sure it wouldn't be the first time :stuck_out_tongue: ).

When we are talking about Jackson, who is it exactly we are referring to?


What BigU said, Paris Jackson. I think he's the only Canadian Jackson in the CFL (don't quote me on that)

But I'll wager Simon won't win a Canadian Player of the week, month or year this year...or ever...
How in the world do we end up talking about Geroy on this thread....?

I bet Geroy will win the brand new Not Quite as Good as the Two Canadian Receivers on My Team of the Week Award.

Paris is having quite the season. He had a very good Grey Cup game last year and he has carried over the momentum to this season. He's definetly one of our unsung heros thus far.

I think the biggest surprise for me this year is Kamau Peterson. He should definetly be up for Outstanding Canadian.

I don't think he is unsung. He gets a lot of credit during the game from commentators. He gets respect from the fans (judging even by this thread). I have noticed him making almost circus style pure talent catches. He is at the very least BC's second best receiver.

Not unsung.