This guy has been tearing up the game the last few weeks! and now has top canadian for 2 weeks straight! Nice job!

I think he's in serious consideration for Top Canadian for 2007!

I think the weekly Canadian award is a joke, imo... Im happy dude won it, but there is only a handful of "star" Canadian players who the award usually goes to

He might be getting a little consideration but
unlike you, most havent forgotten all the dropped
passes he's had.

Two Canadian player of the week awards is good, but surely there must be another guy who has matched that.

Perhaps there is even some Canadian player who has won the Offensive Player of the Week award.

Maybe more than once.




Yes, let me look at some old posts, where they were calling for his head earlier on in the season!

Lumsden would be the clear winner except he
gets hurt every game.

Jackson, Clermont, Cahoon, Coe , Cote to name a few
that will get consideration.

well, if Fantuz can keep this up for the next 5 weeks… he could be in line for it.

ok…i can live with that.

How does Cote make that list?
Oh. Right.
1 carry for 3 yards.
He's a shoe in....
Lumsden definately would have been a serious contender if not for injuries.

Clermont gets my vote right now, but Andy is likely to get the nod as the Rider's nominee.
I said it then, and I'll repeat it now.
The only people asking for Andy Fantuz' head earlier this year know nothing about football.

LOL......Nothing gets by you, eh Arius.

Although Fantuz has been playing much better as of late, I dont think he warrants consideration for the award. I agree with Arius, right now Clermont has been the most outstanding Canadian in the league this year.

here is how they stack up by catches, yards, TDs

Cahoon - 70 - 803 - 3
Clermont - 58 - 685 - 5
Fantuz - 41 - 621 - 3
Ralph B. - 42 - 601 1 3
Thelwell - 26 - 476 - 2
Nowacki - 31 - 313 - 2
Lumsden - 26 - 348 - 1
Cote - 8 - 79 - 2

Lumsden Rushing 98 - 743 -2

With Lumsden agree he has be hurt, but also the team he is on is as inconsistent as he is. In two grames BC and Wpg he gain almost half his yards on the ground. So for the other 8 games he is averageing a little better then 45 yard per game.

In the East definitely Cahoon, he not only leads his team in recieving he is a spark plug on the team.

Clermont is clearily starting to edge up on Simon’s role this year as the spark plug of the recieve core.

Fantuz is still learning and had a hard spell early on. But has quickly evolved into a go to guy now that Matt D is injuried.

Between Clermont and Fantuz, right now stats wise it is a toss up. It will depend on what happens in the rest of the season. But both would lose out to Cahoon right now.

well ya but Clermont is not the or one of the main go to guys this year... Simon and Jackson are the big two..

i'm sure if the Lions didn't have Clermont, it wouldn't have made any difference.

where as Fantuz, is very important in Saskatchewan.

While Simon has yards he doesn't have TD's. Clermont TDs total both Simon and Jackson. I would say the three of them are equal. As I said Clermont is moving up, while Simon has slipped a little.

Either way both Clermont and Fantuz it will be a tough battle.

I wouldnt give you Brett Ralph for Fantuz.


Rogers Canadian Players of the Week
Week Player Team
14 Andrew Fantuz Saskatchewan Roughriders
13 Andrew Fantuz Saskatchewan Roughriders
12 Scott Coe Calgary Stampeders
11 Kamau Peterson Edmonton Eskikmos
10 Ryan Thelwell Calgary Stampeders
9 Alain Kashama Montreal Alouettes
8 Jason Clermont British Columbia Lions
7 Ben Cahoon Montreal Alouettes
6 Jesse Lumsden Hamilton Tiger-Cats
5 Chris Bauman Hamilton Tiger-Cats
4 Jesse Lumsden Hamilton Tiger-Cats
3 Kevin Eiben Toronto Argonauts
2 Brent Johnson British Columbia Lions
1 Rob Cote Calgary Stampeders

Your own list proves you wrong ro, Lumsden has won the award twice, in weeks 4&6. Fantuz is the only one to win it back-to-back.

Kamau Peterson for MOCanuck.

uh oh, ro made a booboo

How does it prove me wrong?

I was showing that Fantuz was the one one to win back to back,